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TCS - IMG Overview


Jim Hughes

on 2 November 2009

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Transcript of TCS - IMG Overview

Today's Information Evolution driven mainly by the Internet & Social Media has created a media savvy and educated consumer.

They want to make up their own mind about what they need.

They want facts - not sales hype.

They conduct research about companies, people, and products...
before they buy. WEBSITE Blogs
White Papers
Communicating In Today's Digital World...

At The Content Studio, we enhance our client's digital and web presence by creating custom-tailored, high-end, SEO-smart content marketing strategies designed to connect with and influence their target market.

We become our client's Content Marketing Strategist:

Website Content Management
Social Media Integration
Inbound Marketing
SEO Strategies
Editorial / Writing /Copywriting
Web Analytics

Digital Presence & Social Media Participation

Value Proposition:


Lead Generation
Consultative Selling Approach
Digital Word Of Mouth Marketing
Two-Way Communications
Builds Credibility

Customer Service

Enhanced Customer Relationships
Open Dialogue With Customer Base
Educate Consumers Through Transparent Industry Updates
Provide Product & Service Updates (without the hype)


Industry Source For New England Auto Consumers


Keep Ira's Employees Up-To-Date

A recent Forrester survey of 4,500 online consumers showed that people want auto dealers and auto manufacturers to engage them with social media.

For auto dealers, a good social media strategy can help strengthen relationships with customers while providing auto manufacturers with cost-effective insights into consumers' needs and attitudes. Digital Presence
Strategic Approach

Active Website
Content Management Strategy
Evolving Online Footprint
Social Media Participation
Inbound Marketing Strategy

An active digital presence allows companies to engage
their target customers at a critical point of the sales cycle.

When they are...

-Conducting Research
-Investigating Options
-Forming Opinions

The Internet & Social Media continue to grow substantially in 2009...

Over 80% of Americans are using the Internet...

- they spend as much time online as they do watching TV

Nearly 50% participate in social media networks...

- young people are at almost universal adoption

- adults 35+ are the largest growing segment Companies can benefit from this new buyer behavior.

Educate consumers about your industry, about solutions, about choices, and about the right questions to ask.

Do this before they ever call you or walk through your front door.

Almost 80% of consumers form their purchasing decisions based on the information they learn on the Internet. Web and Social Media Presence Facebook has over 300 million users
50% log on to Facebook in any given day
Faster growing demo is 35 +
#7 Ranked Global Brand in 2009 Over 300 million users Digital Presence + Social Media = Lead Generation Social Media Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing Active Website Relevant Blogs Social Media Engagement Compelling Content
Traditional Media Advertising Active Website
Managed Content
Updated Daily/Weekly
Relevant Information
Educational Editorial Blogs
Articles Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing Ira Luxury Cars
Advertising Campaign Television
Ira's Luxury Cars Digital Strategy... Ira Lux - Blog Introducing the BMW X1 Joy is what you make of it ... Ira Luxury Cars Website

BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Audi
Brand & Lifestyle Information - Weekly Updates
Ira Lux Blog - Weekly Posts
Pics, Videos
Ira Dealership Links
Ira Lux Facebook & Twitter Links
Brand / Lifestyle Links
Ira Luxury Cars Facebook Page

BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Audi
Brand & Lifestyle Information
Customers Post Pictures & Travel Stories
Ira Dealership Links
Ira Lux Blog Post / Link
Ira Lux Website & Twitter Links
Ira Luxury Cars Twitter Page

BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Audi
Brand & Lifestyle Information
Customers Post Comments / Questions
Ira Dealership Links
Ira Lux Blog Post / Link
Ira Lux Website & Facebook Links Radio 1500% Growth in one year receives over 1 billion views per day
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