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Cell Analogy: Castle

No description

Alexis Bensen

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Castle

Cell Analogy: Castle
By: Alexis Bensen

A cell is like a castle...
Cell Wall
The Castle walls are like the cell walls because they protect the inside of the castle just like the cell wall provides support and protection to the cell.

The nucleus is the control center where the DNA is held. The nucleus is like the King’s Quarters because that room holds the Ruler of the castle, the DNA.

The nucleolus is like the King because the King makes the decisions and is the ruler of the castle just like the nucleolus is the center of the nucleus and helps make ribosomes.

The ribosomes are like the craftsmen because they make things needed for a castle to function. The ribosomes make proteins needed for protein synthesis.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
The ER is like the streets outside of the castle. The streets are pathways used for transportation just like the ER is the transportation system of a cell.

Rough ER
The rough ER is like the unpaved roads in the castle. They are made of dirt and the rough ER has ribosomes that make the surface “rough” similar to the dirt roads.

Smooth ER
The smooth ER is like the paved streets outside the castle because the smooth ER does not have ribosomes just like the surface of the streets are smooth.

The cytoplasm is like the interior of a castle because inside the castle is where the work happens just like the cytoplasm.

The mitochondria is like the kitchen in the castle because it provides food for everyone in the castle just like the mitochondria provides energy for the cell to function.

The vacuoles are like the storage rooms in a castle because they store anything that is needed to be saved just like the vacuoles store water.

Golgi Complex
The golgi complex is like the stables because the stables hold the horses that are loaded with messages and taken to different destinations just like the golgi complex packages and sends materials to different locations in and outside the cell.

The chloroplasts are like the gardens in a castle because the garden is where food is grown for the castle using the sun’s energy and photosynthesis takes place. Chloroplasts trap energy from the sun to produce food for the plant cell.

Microtubules and Microfilaments
The microtubules and microfilaments are like the wooden beams in a castle because they hold everything up and help keep the castle's structure the same. The microtubules and microfilaments hold the organelles in place and help maintain the shape of a cell. The microfilaments are the smaller beams.
Cell Membrane
The bridge is like the cell membrane. It controls what goes in and out of the castle just like the cell membrane controls what goes in and out of a cell.

Rough ER
The rough ER is like the unpaved roads outside the castle. They are made of dirt and the rough ER has ribosomes that make the surface “rough” and uneven similar to the dirt roads.

Mini Quiz
1. Cell wall
2. Nucleolus
3. Ribosomes
4. Mitochondria
5. Golgi Complex
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