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Cold War Timeline

No description

Brad Carpenter

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Cold War Timeline

Yalta Conference 1945 Post WWII meeting between the United States, Great Britian, and the Soviet Union Atomic bomb dropping 1945 During the final days of WWII the U.S dropped the Atomic bombs Fat Man and Little Boy on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki Iron Curtian Speech 1946 Chruchill gives a speech in front of 40,000 people which changed the way the democratic west viewed the communist east Truaman Doctrine 1947 An address to congress about assisting any country who is threatened by communism Marshall Plan 1948 Took Steps to fix mass disintergration among the people of Europe Berlin Blockade 1948 Was one of the first woldwide crisis of the cold war in which many people died in. Berlin Airlift 1948 The Berlin Airlift was used by Great Britian and the United States in order to solve the Blockade crisis Formation of N.A.T.O 1949 It was created mostly out of fear of the Soviet Union but became a key part in the Cold War McCarthysim 1940's - 1950's The political action of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason with proper regard of evidence Korean War 1950 North Korea attacked South Korea with help of the Soviets Creation of C.I.A 1947 U.S was commited to stopping Communism so the C.I.A was created to protect America from attacks Cuba taken over by Fidel 1959 Castro took power with the help of the Soviet Union and turned Cuba into a Communist goverment which scared many Americans becuase Cuba is so close to the United States Bay of Pigs 1960 U.S sees missles are being put into Cuba from the Soviets and so the U.S plans on invading Cuba before the diplomatic ties between Cuba and them break which however did not work out Cuban Missle Crisis 1962 USSR was putting Missles into Cuba which braught the world close to a nuclear war Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1964 American ship USS maddox was attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats which got the U.S involved in Vietnam Détente 1970's Helped in the talks about SALT I and SALT II and got Nixon to leave Vietnam Salt I signed 1969 The Soviet Goverment offened to hold negotiatons on the issues of nuclear arms control. Nixon immediatly accepted the SALT Salt II signed 1977-1979 Was the first Nuclear arms treaty which trades also accured on both sides Iran-Contra affair 1983 U.S supported weapons to Iran for U.S hostages in Lebannon then the U.S gave away 1,000 TOW missles Nikita Krushchev 1950's-1960's Helped launched Sutnik into Space and the U-2 spy incident sparked the ending of any deal neogiations between the U.S and USSR Soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan 1988 Started in 1988 but finally the total withdraw of Soviet troops was in 1989 Fall of Berlin Wall 1989 Berlin Wall falls in 1989 in which east and west Germany are finally reunited
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