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Why is poop brown?

No description

Catherine Lu

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Why is poop brown?

By Arjan Batra, Angelina Crittenden, Catherine Lu, and Vincent Ngyuen
After you chew your food, your tongue pushes it down into the esophagus.
Helps your food travel to the stomach.
The stomach has enzymes and digestive juices to digest the food.
One of its main enzymes is Hydrochloric acid.
After four hours, the food, now called chyme, moves to the small intestine.
finger shaped linings on its walls called villi.
It absorbs nutrients
The chyme is then passed to the large intestine.
The liver breaks down chyme
Uses an enzyme called bile.
Bile is used to break down fats
The pancreas also produces enzymes that break down proteins and fats in chyme.
The large intestine absorbs water and other nutrients from the chyme.
The anus expels stool from the body
You may
look at your poop
and wonder wh
y it's always b
rown. But, don't be
A lack of color variation is

good sign!
Gall bladder:
Produces bile and byproduct stercobilin
Causes poop to be brown
Why is poop brown?
- produces bilirubin (pigment) when it breaks down red blood cells
- bilirubin is eaten by bacteria in the intestines
- blood cell iron + bilirubin turns brown and combines with the poop
The liver is the organ that actually creates the bile that determines your poop's color.
The stomach/abdominal pain can be triggered when your poop is different colors
Too much mucus in the stool can cause it to turn green!!
Anal infections or bleeding of the colon can cause red or even black poop.
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