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Mass Media and Ethics by Lizbeth Luna Victoria lizlunavictoria@gmail.com

Lizbeth Luna Victoria

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Journalism

Mass Media and ethics
By Lizbeth Luna Victoria
¿Mass Media or Media mass?
Newspapers and magazines
Audio and video
Public: the new dealer
1. Long time ago...
when they used to believe in everything that the news said.
2. When they realized that not everything that is on media is true...
3. The public consume the media following their tastes, believes and values.
4. When the public is public and source at the same time: CITIZEN JOURNALISM
(productor + consumer)
Empower the public.
More diversified information.
More sources.
Keep spicy subjects in the agenda.
No comercial guidelines, independent information
Better democracy :)
"With great power comes great responsibility"
People is envolved!

We make the agenda.
and you have to bring it!
Be careful with unknown subjects... it's not that you wanna lie, it's that maybe you could get confused.
Afirmations aren't suposicions.
Gossip girls (and ALSO boys) are not a source.
Take care with the information that you found on Internet. Check your sources!!!
Janet Cooke case!
Does the world need to know how many boyfriends Paris Hilton has?
Campains of young people for help Hahiti.
I have a feeling!!!! (Ok, but Let it OUT!)
Objectivity, the journalism's dream
Say what you have to say, but without making much noise...
Sorry, it's imposible...but never stop trying to achieve it!!! :D
Exactly what happend.
Differences between comments and articles.
Make it clear and simple.
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