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The Layers of the Earth

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Lydia Mosley

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of The Layers of the Earth

I will be able to identify the layers of the earth by making a model that represents the layers of the earth with play dough by using green for the core, pink for the outer core, purple for the mantle, and blue for the crust.
Just the ground??
What are we standing on?
Whats under this ground we're standing on?
It's not just the ground underneath us there is more...
Talk with your partner and share something that we now know about the earth.
Groups will share one thing.
The Layers of the Earth
The Layers
The Crust
1st Layer of the Earth
Outer layer of the earth
sits on the outer layer of the crust!
2 parts of the Crust
Mantle is the 2nd layer of the Earth
Is the
part of the earth!
Makes up 84% of the earth's volume.
The mantle comes in 2 parts. Some parts are Solid and others are liquid.

Outer Core
The Core
Let's make our own!!




The Core

Outer layer


Choose your table helpers!
What do you think the earth
is made of?
Continental Crust
Oceanic Crust
An example can be a House!
Is a ball filled with very hot 4,000 to 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit!
It is made of melted metals called nickel and iron.
Is a solid ball of metal.
Is the smallest layer of the earth.
Is the hottest layer of the earth!
5,000-6,000 degrees Celsius!
is the 3rd layer of the earth
Let's Calculate!
The thickness of each layer:
Crust =

Mantle =

Outer Core =

Core =
10 miles
1,800 miles
1,367 miles
900 miles
Let's go over our place values:
The last or the 4th layer of the earth.
The mantle is the second layer or the earth.

This layer has an upper and inner part.

The upper mantle tends to be solid and does not move.

The inner mantle is a solid that has solid and play dough matter that shifts and moves depending on tempature.

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