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Joshua Bell

Why is he my Inspiration?

Micha Vidot

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Joshua Bell

Joshua Bell
My Inspiraiton Joshua Bell's Donizetti http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Bell source Past Life Why Is Joshua Bell an exciting performer Dynamics Pitch Texture Timbre Rhythm Josha Bell tends to range
in his pitch and so does not
have a certain pitch he always
plays at. Joshua Bell in Ave Maria
stays around the strings
A and D, as G and E are
the lowest and highest pitch
on the violin. G String D String A String E String This is a good
idea to use as
the audience does not
always know which pitch he plays it in. Duration Tempo Beethoven Part 1/5 Joshua Bell in Person-
At Home with Friends Joshua Bell was born
on the 9th December 1967
and he is now a Grammy Award
winning Violinst from America. Joshua Bell started
playing the Violin at the
age of 4 years old! This was because
Joshua Bell's mother
found out that Joshua
had taken rubber bands,
from all over their house
and put them over her dresser handels and plucked
along to the music she played
on the piano
Joshua Bell was also
very talented in Sport
mostly tennis and bowling.
Joshua participated in a Tennis
Tournament at the age of 10.
Joshua also liked playing video-
games. By the age of 12
Joshua Bell was
very serious about
his music. At the age of 14
Joshua played as a soloist for the Philadelphia Orchestra.
Joshua Studied the violin, at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and still managed to graduate at Bloomington High School North, 1984 In 1989 Joshua recived an Artist Diploma in his violin performance at the Indiana University. 2 Years after his graduation Joshua Bell was named 'Indiana Living Legend' and awarded Indiana Governer's Arts Awards Joshua Bell usally has
a very catchy rhythm
to his music and so
everyone knows it is his. Usually Joshua preforms as a soloist but he works very well in an orchestra and is usually the conductory of the Orchestra even though he has an instrument. It is very hard to say what speed Joshua plays at as on the violin certain songs have certain speeds. My favourite Song of Joshua Bell's Ave Maria. is not at all fast and so quite slow. Joshua ranges the duration of his notes and so is usually his notes are long but ocassionaly short. If Joshua is preforming alone the texture is thin but if otherwise slightly thick. Depending on the song Joshua is often quite loud when he plays and for certain songs quiet How does Joshua Bell Inspire Me? Joshua Bell inspires me in many ways but the main way is that he has always been passionate about his music and has not lost faith in it since the age of 12 when he was very serious about music. His most inspirable piece of music to me is The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. Has he allowed me to be a better musician. Joshua Bell has allowed me to be a better musician as I have been very confident in playing the violin since i heard Joshua play, this meant that I played more in public instead of secretly.
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