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Drama Project

No description

Sharon Roth

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Drama Project

Drama Prezi: Tragedy By: Sharon, Manavi, Billie, and Shaina Hubris- exaggerated pride or self-confidence, extreme arrogance In ancient Greece, hubris was deadly pride
(or other weakness) Pathos- an appeal to the audience’s emotions -type of persuasion
-used to awaken emotion in an audience so
they would go with a certain opinion Presentation ENJOY! Aristotle- an ancient Greek philosopher -teacher of Alexander the Great
-student of Plato
-name means "the best purpose"
-born 384 BCE
-died 322 BCE Statue of Aristotle Aristotle’s Poetics- the earliest surviving work of dramatic theory
-only the part about tragedy remains
-includes Poetics and Rhetoric (other book by Aristotle)
about matter, subjects, method, character (ethos), plot (mythos), thought (dianoia), diction (lexis), and spectacle (opsis) Tragedy- a type of drama based on suffering
-Athenian Tragedy: oldest surviving form of tragedy
-type of dance / drama
-preformed in late March / early April
-might have started in 6th century BCE
-flourished in 5th century BCE Antigone- daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, Oedipus’s mother
-Antigone was part of Greek mythology
-name means "opposed to motherhood" or "in place of mother"
-Antigone is the subject of a popular story in which she tries to get a respectable burial for her brother, Polynices
Antigone Romeo and Juliet- a tragedy written by William Shakespeare
-a love story between Romeo (16) and Juliet (12)
-published in 1597
-about two feuding families: Montague and Capulet THINK ABOUT IT
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