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No description

Emily Martin

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Apple

C.P. Apple iPhone 4s Apple iPhone 5 Spoof -Middle-Upper Class society Apple's Target Audience What are they selling? -Electronics that are 'more efficient' because they are produced by a well know company
-Because of this promise of efficiency, they get you to pay more
-Apple is also selling the fact that celebrities use their electronics, making them more desirable Customer's feelings -Apple updates their products so often that they make their customers feel like they NEED the latest and greatest Apple product, and are willing to pay anything to get it The iPad Mac Computers iPod Touch Reviews -Long Battery Life Pros of a Mac -Charges quickly -Programs are easy to use -Looks SNAZZY. Cons of a Mac -Spinning beach ball of doom (Loading circle) -Camera's start up is slow -Set up procedure is complicated -Macs are expensive Apple catches the attention of Consumers by: -The commercials are funny -They make their products appealing and sleek The 'Benefits' of Apple -They claim their products are faster, better quality, and have features that other brand names don't (iOS, iCloud, etc.) Once again apple has come out with a potentially fantastic product, but has chosen to punch their customers where it hurts and give them a watered down version of what could be. Primarily: The rear and front camera on the touch. It has fewer mega pixels than the very FIRST iphone released. The most resent iphone has five mega pixels, the Android Evo has 8, and the ipod touch (drum role please) ....... 0.7 mega pixels! Now this wouldn't be too big of a deal if it wasn't for the premium price tag and the claims by Steve Jobs that this is essentially the iphone without the phone. I pray to God someone will offer competition soon. My advice? Save your money and cross your fingers that the reviews for this product will wake someone up. 1 Star: 2 Star: I am pretty sure the one we got for our daughter is defective as it won't hold a charge for more than 2 hours and it was brand new! We are going to check into that and see what we need to do with that to fix it. Once the battery issue is fixed I am sure my daughter will be 100% in love!! 3 Star: After I lost my iTouch4 32G I purchased a 8G version from Amazon, and it runs much slowly compare to my olde one(I mean for the big games and email). It has the same machine as 32G but the storage force it runs slowly, so if you are going to play big games and run alot mulitasking on it, go buy a 32G version. Also, it only has about 6.4GB free on a 8G iTouch. 4 Star: initially, i felt forced to get a touch because i needed a portable medication database, but was unwilling to shell out for a monthly data plan. now that i've had some time to play with it, i've really taken a liking to my touch. at&t is so terrible here in SF, that an iphone is just silly and impractical, but the touch is perfect for enjoying the games and gadgets, music, video, camera, and fabulous interface from apple, while still being able to make phone calls. too bad i'm using two devices, but for now it's the best solution for me.

as many other have noted, the battery life is not great, esp while playing games. i often put mine in flight mode when i don't need to be online, and the battery lasts much longer. 5 Star: Hey guys! I don't know why the iPod touch 4g is stuck with having a 4 star overall rating, because this is definately deserving of a perfect 5. Unfortunately, that's as high of a rating as I can give it :( I just have one thing to say to people who are pondering buying this, or losing sleep wanting one. Buy it already! It's like having a mini iPad, only now it has two cameras; it's more portable then the iPad; and you can do everything that a computer can do. Surf the internet; send and receive e-mails and video calls; with certain apps you can text anyone on their mobile phone for free (well, you're texts don't cost you anything, but they'll still have to pay the .10 cents). Games are awesome, especially since they are updating a lot of them to take more full advantage of the Retina Display (which is..you guessed it, AWESOME!

I can't give this iPod anything but a quadruple thumbs up (because I'm an alien with four hands, duh!) Buy one, you won't regret it. But get the 8g, because 32 is just too much space to spend an extra $50.00 on. 8g's holds plenty of games videos and music, trust me :) -YouTube.com
-Google Images Thanks to:
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