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The color purple

No description

briana hernandez

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The color purple

by:Alice Walker The Color Purple The color purple tells a story about
life as african americans in the U.S
through the eyes of women in the 1930's The Color Purple The color purple was banned because,
the content was too graphic,had show of
homosexuality and sexual explicitness,it had offensive language,and and "troubling ideas"about race. BANNED ? Some people of the african race decided that the people who banned the book where racist.While other people thought the people who banned this book where giving a friendly gesture .
Over all the book was returned to SOME libraries for people to read. The outcome ? I think book banning pretty good. A book being banned
can be a good thing, a book may hurt somebody's feelings and banning a book could prevent that. Book banning ?
Challenging ? http://www.bannedbooks.world.edu/2011/03/20banned-book-awarenesscolor-purple-alice-walker/


http://www.google-images.com Thanks for watching ! Any Questions ?
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