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Copy of Ile De France Presentation

Everything can be in english on this presentation. But when you talk about it, it has to be in french. -Madame Gabet

Janita Sujubias

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ile De France Presentation

L'Économie & Culture

L'Île De France

Géographie, Culture, Histoire, et l'Économie
par: Abby, Scarlett, Anisha et Katherine
La Histoire d'Île De France
ersonnages Historiques
vénements Historiques
d'Île de France


These hills can be cultivated for wheat, corn, barley, sunflowers, rapeseed, legumes, and sugar beets.

L'île de France is situated in the centre of the Paris basin and is about 4,637 square mile (12011 square km).

La Géographie de L'Île De France
Île de France leads in all sectors of the France economy, with exception for agriculture
Île de France only makes up 1.8% of the nation’s production in agriculture
The agriculture produces a lot of wine and wheat.
Seine River
Seine et Marne
the luxury industry in Île de France is very big because many companies are founded in Paris.
Louis Vuitton, Chanel and PPR are some famous brands
the service of Île de France is the main money maker
the value of most of the different service groups such as real estate (23%) and personal services (10.1%) are all above the nation’s average
the capacity of hotels in Île de France is the highest in France
air travel to Île de France accounts for more than 50% of the total air travel in France
Capital: Paris

Val-D’oise, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Ville-de-Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Essone, and Yvelines. The regions surrounding L’ile de France are, Picardie in the north, Champagne-Ardenne in the eastern side, Bourgogne to the southeast side, Centre in the south side, and Haute-Normandie to the northwest.
Departments: 8 Departments:
In Val-d'oise, mushrooms are grown in limestone caves to be cultivated in large numbers.

The main river running through this region is the river Seine along with its tributaries: the Marne, Oise, and Aisne.
Terrain: Limestone hills

The most heavily populated region of France is L'île de France.
This Region contains the national capital: Paris. Paris is a hotspot for many immigrants and has one of the largest concentrations of immigrants in its continent. Many are Eastern European Jews, Italians, or Belgians, Tunisians, Morrocans, and Algerians. Many are from former French colonies as well. These French colonies include Maghreb and the Sub-Saharan Africa.
Population: 11,491,000 people according to Encyclopedia Britannia in 2006.
The climate in L'île de France is continental and oceanic.
Average Winter temperatures are5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit)
Average summer temperatures are 19,5 degrees Celsius (67,1 degrees Fahrenheit)
Champs- Elysees
Château de Chantilly
Palace of Versailles

one of the most popular streets in Paris
has cimemas, shops, and luxury shops
has the monument Arc de Triomphe
it means the Avenue of the Elysian Fields,
Elysian is a paradise and resting place for heros
located in the town of Chantilly, France
it was destroyed during French
revolution and rebuilt
the Musee Condee is here, an art gallery
Culture d'Île De France
(This is a three day festival of rock and roll.)

Festivals ;
Rock en Seine

Mostly Catholic
Museums ; Le Louvre
Famous brands such as ; Chanel,Dior,Yves St Laurent,Chole,Givinchy,Lanvien,Celine,Hermes, Louis Vuitton.

"The international hub" of fashion & design.

Languedoc Roussillon

Paris Ile De France

Central Loire Valley

Western Loire Valley


Midi Pyrenees





Provence Alps Cote D'Azure Riviera

Poitou Charente
France Comte
Limousin & Dordogne


Nord Pas de Calais

Places to visit
83% of Île De France’s employed people are in Paris.
unemployment rate is 6.6%
Île de France’s GDP is about 534 billion Euro as of 2007, which makes up 29% of the nation’s GDP
The industry represents only 15.9%, but they have about 847,000 workers in that field.
Île de france is the top industrial region
as the value of production is much more
than other regions
The important branches of the industry includes:
The car industry has brands that are known all around the world like Renault, Citroen, and Peugeot.
The publishing sector’s leading brands include Flammarion, Tourbillon, and Libella
Île de france is also a leader in pharmaceuticals, computers and aircraft constructions.
Val D'Oise
Le Palais de Fontainebleau
Originated as a hunting lodge for the royals
Located 55km from Paris
Architecture: Italian Mannerist Style
Houses the forest of Fontainebleau-> a former royal hunting park.
Now a home to many endangered species of Europe.
Chartres Cathedral
Architecture:Gothic Style
A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Constructed between 1193 and 1250
Beautiful rose windows
Famous Labyrinth to show the difficulties of the pilgrims.
La tribu gauloise ( Le Parissi) etaient les premiers habitants en 4200 avant Jesus-Christ (BC)
La Bibliographie
Au cours de la rene de Julien l'Apopstae,la ville etait renomme Paris.
Au debut la ville etait appele Lutetia.
Paris etait la plus grande ville au cours du 16th siecles.

Napolean Bonaparte etait un autre personnage historique celebre. Il est ne en Corse mais il es mort a Paris.

He lost the battle against Waterloo to the british. He was exiled to Saint Helene.
Around 14th century Paris and other parts of Europe were hit by a plague. Also known as the black death.
En 1889 Gustave Eiffel a concu la tour Eiffel. Elle etait la structure la plus hate au mondes. Elle a retenu le titre pour 41 ans.

2 years.

Name change
Slow progress to become modern Paris.

52 BC. The Roman Empire under Julius Ceasear siezes the city and it became part of the reigon " Gaul".

Once we reach 250 A.D Lutetia is christianized and more churches and structures are being built.

1163 ; Construction of the Notre Dame Church beings. This was early gothic design.

* Huge decorative gardens

Marie Antoinette lived in the house. All imporant french people lived here/royals.

Nowadays,the house ie used for showing.
-Jean-Paul Huchon who is the President of the Regional Council for île de France, and is also the Mayor of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.
-Camille is a Paris-born, singer.
If you visit Paris, the Lafayette is great for shopping as well as the samaritaine department store.
These are common foods and dishes of Île de France, macarons, croque monsieur, and cuisses de grenouilles
80% of the film industry is located in Île de France!
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