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Student Chef Project


Kevin Cho

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Student Chef Project

Making a Chicken Quesadilla! Ingredients Cheese Apples Chicken Breast Lettuce Butter Burrito Wrap Salsa By Kevin Cho
April 2010 To Make: Buy ingredients Spread butter on the frying pan Put a frying pan on the stove with the fire at medium Put Wrap on top of the butter Prepare ingredients (slice cheese, peel and cut apples, cut lettuce) Boil Chicken and cut into small pieces When one side is done, turn over and put sliced cheese on to melt When it melts, take it out of the frying pan Before cheese hardens, quickly put all the rest of the ingredients into the wrap Close up the wrap, get a can of sprite from the fridge, and enjoy! Prices Apples: $1.00 Burrito Wraps: $2.99 Salsa: $1.99 Butter: $1.50 Cheese: $6.49 Lettuce: $1.99 Chicken: $5.19 Recipe 2 apples, peeled and sliced 100g of chicken breast 50g of sliced lettuce 1 small pacakge of burrito wrap Small jar of salsa 100g of cheddar cheese 1/4 a pound of butter And now we shall watch the video of Kevin
and his mom making this delicious meal! Total :$21.15 All the ingredients Finished Item Sprite (beverage): $1.25
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