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Sculptures and instruments

No description

Carla Rguez Zerpa

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Sculptures and instruments

The bronze makes the sculpture
more resistant and transfers the heat as well.

This sculpture is called Richard the Lionheart was made by Carlo Marochetti in 1860 and it’s outside the Palace of Westminster in London.
The bronze is an alloy of cooper and tin.
Sculptures and
musical instruments

This is a sculpture of Martin Chirino architect and it’s made up of iron.
The iron is very heavy and it is hard and dense.
It's malleable and it is a good electrical conductor
Some photos of sculptures made of this metal
The iron makes the sculpture more resistant and heavy
This is made up of iron

This sculpture is called Ballons dog Jeff Koons

Shaftesbury Memorial in Piccadilly Circus London
Ivan Lovatt Michel Jackson
La Estatuilla Cacique Quimbaya is a sculpture made up of gold that was made by a South American civilization.
The gold makes the sculpture heavy and hard
This is made up of bronze
This is an instrument called Güirro
Güirro is made of stainless steel
Cymbals Drum are made up of
titanium and gold
Nelson Mandela sculpture
It's made up of bronze
This is the sculpture of the pharaoh Pepy I, and it was made in the Ancient empire of Egypt. It’s made up of copper. Copper is a soft metal, is wear resistant, and has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity.
This is a sculpture made of aluminum that was made by a French artist called Guy de Rougemont.
The aluminum has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, durability and corrosion resistance
This sculpture is in a park, in Cáceres. It’s made up of stainless steel.
The steel makes the sculpture more resistant and heavy
This is a sculpture of a horse made up of tin
by Yolimar Siverio Pérez and Carla Rguez Zerpa
The end
The bronze alloy commonly copper and tin, is the most used models for melting sculpture. The 'poor', is those containing a high percentage of copper, can be worked cold sheets and carved using chisels, however, appear quite defective castings.
It is one of the metals used to make sculptures and working through different techniques.
Along with copper was one of the first metals used by man, for its beauty and because you can work easily.
When gold is melted it's soft. It's a good electrical conductor.
The casting of the copper is very difficult and it is a process to long. To sculpt you must have molders,-formerly-molders, sculptor, baker smelter or foundry, chipping and skaters.
Stainless steel is a steel with high corrosion resistance, and other alloying metals containing, possess high affinity for the oxygen and reacts with it to form a passive layer, thus preventing corrosion of iron (metal purely stainless steel, which do not react with oxygen are gold and platinum).
It's a soft, a light and a little resistant to traction metal.
Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and chromium slightly.
It's a malleable, silver metal that is not easily oxidized and it is corrosion resistant. It is in many alloys used for coating and other protecting metal from corrosion.
It is used in lead alloy to make the sheet of organ tubes.
Michael jackson
This one is made up of wire
The sculptors that made the sculpture put a rabbit in one of the ears of Nelson Mandela
Sculptures and musical instruments are made up of many metals but the most important are...
Bronze is a good electrical conductor and heat conductor too.
It is strong and resistant to the corrosion.
Stainless steel has a good electrical conductivity and it is waterproof.
This is a video of how is make a bronze sculpture
This is another video of how is make a trumpet
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