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Democratic Classroom

Group 2 - Pedagogical Principles - Saturday Presentation

Ana Nurul Laila

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Democratic Classroom

Group 2

Kate Chislett
Claire Brunet
Ana Nurul Laila
Mustofa Fahmi
Hadia Ayoub

John Dewey
1859 - 1952
Education is a social process
Education as growth
Education is NOT a preparation for life,
but is life itself
Learning should be focused on the child
Learning is a social process
Learning should involve real-life, hands-on projects
learning should creates creative problem solvers
chances to
effective in small groups
effective in small groups
think critically
ask questions
work collaboratively
see the consequences
of their actions
What is the role of the teacher?
provide encouragement
offers suggestions
helps plan and implementing
course of study
so ...
In a democratic classroom ...
because I feel respected and trusted
I feel safe and comfortable in
the learning process
I am intrinsically motivated to learn
new things and to participate
in various activities
Learning is a miniature of life experience
I am a democratic teacher
I base my relationship with others
through my understanding of democracy
and responsibility I have as an educator
I am an equal participant and partner in the learning and teaching process
I am an umpire, coach and administrator
It is my aim to produce happy individuals
rather than obedient citizens
education = act of faith
hope as well as love
faith in the future of human race
Democratic Classroom
Who am I in a democratic classroom?
I learn to respect other people
Education is a continual process
My class is one of reflective, abstract,
logical rendering of experience
My class is community centered
and use it for social means
share resources
link our studies with the home lives of
the students
develop students' skills needed
to participate in the worlds
of the adult and work
I learn to be responsible and able
to control my own learning
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