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The Lion King

No description

Natasha N. :)

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of The Lion King

The Landmark Musical Event The Development By Natasha Najmi The Lion King The "Mane'' Info The Lion King is a Disney animated film that was released in 1994. It's "mane'' story plot is about a young lion prince, Simba. When his father is killed by his evil uncle Scar,leaves home to find a life and later realizes he must return, for his home, Pride Rock is in danger. These aren't just some facts that are lion' around they're more than that. The idea of The Lion King first came up in a conversation in 1988 on a plane trip to Europe to promote the film, Oliver and Company. Thomas Schumacher, the producer allowed himself to be attached to The Lion King project "because lions were cool". After a year of writing drafts, some of the lead crew members took a trip to Hell's National Park, Kenya to observe the natural elements of the film. Then the filmmakers got to work on Disney's first original film- a heartwarming story to love, laugh, and learn from. The Lion King The Lion King Musical is based on the movie except more-it's live! The musical was debuted in 1997 in theaters across America. Now it is performed worldwide and recently this year took a UK tour! The Characters The Characters (cont.) When the film was released there was a stir in Japan. There was a very similar anime series in relation to The Lion King called Kimba the Lion. The commotion was settled when the Osamu Tezuka's widow said that he would have been flattered that Disney was inspired by his ideas. Simba is the main character, the hero. Nala is young Simba's best friend and adult Simba's wife. Scar is Simba's evil uncle
and Mufasa's brother. Sarafina is Nala's mother. Zazu is Simba and Nala's "babysitter''. Rafiki is like a "medicine man". He is a wise monkey. The hyenas are basically Scar's stooges. Ed Banzai Shenzi Timon and Pumba are like simba's second parents and very dear friends. Mufasa and Sarabi are Simba's loving parents. Little Known Facts This is the first animated feature made completely at Disney Studios in Florida!! :) A wildlife expert brought a lion, baboon and some vultures to the studios so the animators could sketch the different behaviors of the animals. One of the bugs Timon pulls out of the log during "Hakuna Matata'' is wearing Mickey ears. All facts obtained from Internet Movie Database Bibliography http://www.lionking.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lion_King http://www.lionking.org/~tlkpride/facts.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lion_King_(musical) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110357/synopsis http://www.lionking.org/~tlkpride/storylk.html http://www.lionking.org/~tlkpride/charact.html http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/onlinessays/JC40folder/LionKing.html This is the Disney animation symbol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejEVczA8PLU http://media.waltdisneystudios.com/static/Animationlogo-737.jpg http://disney.go.com/lionking/characters/
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