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Financial Aid

Financial Aid persuasive presentation

Adrienne Meltzer

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Financial Aid

college is financially out of reach for many Solutions? Paying for College Financial Aid twice the rate of inflation! Solving College Affordability Ever Increasing Costs college is expenisve tuition increases 8% a year need-based financial aid grants, scholarships & tuition subsidies government expenditure Michigan is broke! tax breaks & credits reduces taxable liability applies after college is completed Still don't have $ to pay tuition! Michigan
Education Trust MET is a pre-paid tuition program. Pay for college
when the child is in
elementary school $206 payment
per month 5th grade
(2000) 12th grade
(2007) In Michigan in 2000: Average in-state tuition of
4-year public colleges = $4,329 In Michigan in 2010: Average in-state tuition of
4-year public colleges = $12,800 By beginning to pay for
college in 2000,
Danqing LOCKED the rate
& paid MUCH LESS Meg $12,800
x 4
$51,200 $4,329
x 4
$17,316 Danqing $33,884 in savings! MET in detail: VERSATILE RISK-FREE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE FLEXIBLE Purchase 1-4 years of
schooling at a MI public university or community college Can start paying for your
child's education as early
as the age of 3! Or in one
entire lump sum payment MI Dept. of Treasury invests the funds
in equities and bonds and uses the
earnings to sustain the program Guarantees the protection
of your money! Provides REFUNDS if the child: chooses to attend college out-of-state
chooses to attend a private college
receives scholarships
other (military enlistment, disability) Materials Logo provide a more complex
logo that tells a story provides information about
what MET actually stands for Website Effective Engaging Efficient new content that helps
parents understand the
program easily fast and simple way
to enroll easy access straight to the point great interest in topic activities for parents
and students to better
understand MET want the website to be a place where people can
easily gain information about MET Audience target parents, students & teachers Parents Town Hall
Meetings Parent-Teacher Conferences materials to be sent home
with the students Theater
Troupe School
Assemblies Television
Commercials Direct
Mail Emails Employment
Partnerships Students partner with Dept. of Education Assign picture book & MET curriculum to be
mandatory in all Michigan elementary schools Students will learn & then tell parents at home learn about college opportunities starts children thinking about college/higher education at a young age early name recognition of
the program target the kids in order to
get to their parents At the conclusion of the MET reading unit,
schools can choose to have a theater troup visit
and perform a play about the book and the MET program Why should you care? If this program is successful,
it can spread to other states and
potentially be implemented on
the federal level. http://www.michigan.gov/setwithmet Rebrand MET College is NOT
affordable MET will save
people money Not enough people
are aware of
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