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charlotte hamand

on 10 December 2012

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Our vision is to be the world's most inspiring centre for the arts.

Our mission is to draw everyone possible to this loved site and captivate them through our unique arts programme and the warmth of our welcome. OBJECTIVES •To offer life-enriching encounters between audiences and the world's great and emerging artists in music, visual arts, dance, performance and literature.
•To enable anyone to experience the excitement of exploring their own creativity and artistry through our far-reaching programme of learning and participation.
•To welcome the world to the unrivalled visitor experience of our riverside site with its iconic buildings and history and its continuous sense of festival.
•To demonstrate successfully that commercial entrepreneurship can live happily beside the demanding requirements of art-making, and profit both. LOCATION Southbank Centre is positioned in the heart of London's thriving South Bank. The Southbank Centre comprises of the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Rooms, Poetry Library and The Hayward. The venues present a wide ranging programme of music, literature, dance and performance plus exhibitions on modern and contemporary art and culture. It shares the site with the independently managed National Theatre, the National Film Theatre and the new Museum of the Moving Image. AUDIENCES EVERYBODY! MARKETING ARTISTIC PROGRAMME FUNDING THE WINTER FESTIVAL Baby Opera
Julien Cottereau
Slava's Snowshow
Messiah by Candlelight
Meow Meow's Little Match Girl
National Children's Orchestra of GB
A Vintage New years Eve Party
The Sixteen's Christmas Concert
Gamlelan Christmas Chimes
Real Food Christmas Market
The Chocolate Festival
Designers Market
Festival Riverside
Cloud Man 16th November - 7th January
A season of magic encounters MELTDOWN FESTIVAL Southbank Centre is a registered charity, it's trustee is Southbank Centre Limited.
Most of the funding comes from ACE covering just over 53% - the remaining 47% is self generated by sponsorship, donations, and commercial activities. INCOME Donations and Sponsorship

Arts council revenue grant

Activities for general funds

Income for artistic activities

Interest receivable £2,160,000




£2000 2010 - 2011 Southbank Centre has a unique heritage with its origin as a festival site. This has been brought up-to-date by artistic programming based around a series of annual and one-off themed festivals to animate the site and set-up encounters between artists and audiences. MUSIC DANCE PERFORMANCE VISUAL ARTS FAMILIES LITERATURE & SPOKEN WORD FESTIVALS LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Royal Festival Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Purcell Room
Hayward Gallery
Saison Poetry Library
Festival Terrace
Side Terrace
Queens Walk
Southbank Centre Square What Happens.. £££ Current Supporters
City Bridge Trust
Creative New Zealand
Embassy of Brazil
Korean Cultural Centre UK
Embassy of the USA
Heritage Lottery Fund
British Council Trusts and
Foundations Name a Seat
Festival Fund
Pull Out All The Stops
Supporter Circles IMPROVEMENTS MISSION STATEMENT OBJECTIVES PROGRAMME Our mission is to attract a diverse range of people from all over the world, to come, experience, and learn in our 21 acres of artistic excellence Attract and maintain audiences
Help with educational journeys through different art forms
Ensure our artistic programme embraces all cultures and all walks of life
Promote Southbank Centre Memberships so people can get involved, access, experience more Although Southbank offers something for everybody we feel it needs to involve the teenage audience more with a program involving all areas of artistic events.
More dance performances could enhance the program and attract an audience that they might never of had before.
Contemporary music is something that could be expanded on as they have the facilities to cater for this.
More members events. Over 66,000 followers on Twitter
1000's of photos on their Flickr account
Over 31,000 likes on Facebook
400 followers on Pinterest
APP Since 1993 some of the world most distinguished musicians have been the guest directors of Meltdown. From John Peel through to Massive Attack, via David Bowie, Patti Smith, Morrissey and more, Meltdown has given seminal artists the chance to pick their favourite artists to play and exhibit their work at Southbank Centre. Yoko Ono June 2013 Management Structure CEO



BOARD OF GOVENORS Alan Bishop Rick Haythornthwaite Robin Woodhead 13 Finance / Human Resources / Marketing / legal / Arts Programming / Business Development / Communications / Estates & Facilities / Education / Learning / Technical / Visitor Experience Issues Cuts in funding
Less discretionary income
Competition of visitor attractions
Drop in tour dates
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