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How Dr. Seuss Changed the World, One Book at a Time

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Kaitlin Leibelt

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of How Dr. Seuss Changed the World, One Book at a Time

How Dr. Seuss Changed the World, One Book at a Time
Dr. Suess
March 2, 1904 - September 24, 1991
How Seuss Grew and Changed and Made the World a Better Place
Important Events
By Kaitlin Leibelt
Core 2

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How Did Dr. Seuss Change My Perspective of Life?
Dr. Seuss changed my perspective of the reading world. As a young kid, I'd read one of his books almost everyday. Learning more of Dr. Seuss was enjoyable for me, because he became my first favorite author ever, and that's huge considering I'm a basically a book worm. Dr. Seuss showed me, that through his writing and illustrations, anything can be written as it is and still be writing, and that anything could be illustrated as it was, and still have art be art. His style was just different than others, making him so unique and memorable. Years ago, when I first discovered my passion for writing, I remembered Dr. Seuss's books as an inspiration. Why? Well, because I could write anything I set my heart to, and if I liked it, it was good enough, no matter what style the writing was. That's how Dr. Seuss wrote. He made up funny words and phrases not paying attention to the specific grammar rules. So, how did Dr. Seuss change my perspective of life? He changed my perspective by showing me being different is best for the world.
March 2, 1904
Dr. Seuss's birth was one of the many significant events in his life. He was born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Seuss was named Theodor Seuss Geisel, who went by Ted but was later known as Dr. Seuss. On this day, many people didn't know it, but one of the world's greatest authors to be was brought to the world by his parents, Theodor Robert Geisel and Henrietta (Seuss) Geisel. He then grew up with his older sister Marnie, and his younger sister Henrietta, whom later died of pneumonia at less than two years old. Seuss grew up with an extraordinary imagination. His mother indulged all of his childhood passions and encouraged him in all his artistic and outlandish pursuits. Seuss had a talent of humor and writing, which lead to entering many newspaper advertizing contests. He spoke of how many of his childhood experiences inspired his books for the future.
Writing for 'Jacko'
Seuss attended Dartmouth College in September 1921 which later led to graduating with his bachelor's degree, majoring in English. During his time there, he wrote and illustrated cartoons for the college's humor magazine, the Jack-O'-Lantern. He gained recognition at the school through his work. Seuss realized, during his time with the Jacko, the potential of blending words with pictures.
"I began to get it through my skull that words and pictures were Yin and Yang ... I began thinking that words an pictures, married, might possibly produce a progeny more interesting than either parent. It took me almost a quarter of a century to find the proper way (to do this). At Dartmouth I couldn't even get them engaged." (Levine pg. 22)
Seuss got his name as "Dr. Seuss" toward the end of his senior year. He began signing his cartoons as that after loosing his title at editor for Jacko and being no longer allowed to write for the magazine. Seuss and a couple of friends were caught drinking which wasn't allowed at the time and were disciplined, but was determined to still write.
Life at Oxford and a Little Taste of Love
Seuss headed off to Oxford University of England in the fall of 1925 to pursue his doctorate of English literature. Though he didn't last very long there. Seuss was constantly playing pranks and could never focus in class. In all his notebooks, he would draw cartoons off to the side but ended up doodling over the whole page later on. One day, an American classmate named Helen Palmer noticed his doodles in one of his notebooks. She told him he was wasting his time with school and that he had wonderful cartoons. He took her advice and dropped out of school to travel. He also married Helen on November 29 whom committed suicide years later in 1967 because she was very ill. Helen gave Seuss love, and inspiration.
September 24, 1991
On September 24, 1991, Seuss departed from the world. He lived a good eighty-seven years. He truly changed the world. Seuss left the world with 44 books, 4 in prose, that he wrote and illustrated. It would be 66, 5 in prose, for the ones he didn't illustrate. His last words to the public were with an interview he said a few days before his death. Seuss explained how,
"We can... and we've got to... do better than this;"
That day, Seuss not only left his writing and readers, but his family. He has married a childhood best friend, Audrey Stone, in 1968. He also gained two children, Lark and Lea. And lets not forget his first imaginary daughter with Helen, since she couldn't have kids, Chrysanthemum Pearl. Dr. Seuss will always be remembered, with his books and illustrations.
Dr. Seuss grew and changed and made the world a better place. Seuss stated how 'Treating children with respect was his philosophy and it was key to writing or illustrating one of his books' [ Seuss Ville]. He wrote books that could make kids think and imagine. So how did Seuss change the world to be a better place? Well, he changed the reading world for kids. His books made kids want to read them. And this was good because each book taught a moral lesson, while still being fun to read. Seuss sparked the imagination of children. Each book was illustrated with bright, fun colors to be easy to memorize for kids. 'He had lived a long and extraordinary life. He filled the world with a kind of fun and reckless abandon that had never been seen before, and he lived out all of his dreams.' [Levine 87]
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