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Wait Till Helen Comes

No description

Ana Arreola

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Wait Till Helen Comes

Point of View: Protagonist/ Antagonist: Characters: The story takes place in an a bonded church close to Holwell, Maryland. Molly is telling the story in First Person. Protagonist: Heather & Molly Mood: Sad, Horror, Scary
Tone: Frightening,Mysterious Molly:(Age 12) - She loves reading, and poetry, tries telling everyone that Helen is a ghost. Setting: Mood/ Tone: Conflict: Heather:(Age 7)- Step-sister, and if friends with Helen. Michael: Is 10 years old, who likes collecting insects. Antagonist: Helen Wait Till Helen Comes: By:Mary Downing Hahn Dave: Heather's dad, makes objects out of clay. Helen: Died when she was 7 and died more than 100 years ago Jean: Micheal & Molly's mom, and loves to paint Mr. Simmons: Was the caretaker in the grave yard Plot Summary 7 year old Heather, has become friends with a ghost named Helen. While Molly her step-sister, is trying to stop them two from talking, Heather and Helen, Plan on doing something, But Molly knows that something terrifying will happen. Heather's mom died in a mysterious fire, and Heather has carried a secret for more than 4 years, until she finally gives it away. But will Heather reveal her secret, or will she have it bottles inside? We'll Have to find out. Chapter Main Ideas: Chap. 1-3: Micheal, Molly, and Heather find out that they're moving to Holwell, Maryland. And Unpack All Their stuff.
Chap. 4-6: Heather finds out that there's tombstone with her initials H.E.H. Then, later Heather becomes friends with Helen and talks to her.
Chap. 7-9: Molly finds out that Heather has been going to the a bonded house. Micheal and Molly follow Heather to the abonded house, and try to take her away. Chap. 10-12: Micheal and Molly star home alone, and they hear that someone was inside the church. Everyone tries to find out who was it.
Chap. 13-15: Heather goes with Helen to the pond and tries to drown with her. But then Molly comes in and stops it. Heather and Molly Become Closer than ever. Resolution: Heather tries to call Helen so she can go with her but then, she notices that she was doing a bad choice. And that her dad does worry about her. Heather and Molly have to stay together in the a bonded house and that's when they become closer. Theme: The theme of the story is never see things more than you think they are because at the end something else happen. And you get closer with someone than you ever have. My opinion on this book, is that is that it was a good book. And i recommend it on who ever likes mystery books and ghost books. The conflict of the story was when Helen tried taking Heather away, and making her drown. Because Molly didn't know what to do because no one was home. Climax: The most exciting part of the story was when, Helen took Heather into the pond, and you didn't know if Heather was going to drown or not.
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