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Weird Jobs

Careers Presentation!

Eileen Chen

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Weird Jobs

Weird Jobs
People who Study of UFOs
Eileen Chen
Who Are They?
These are the poeple who study unidentified flying object (UFO) with writen reports and associates others with evidence.
Some travel all over the world to find different evidence
They are usually people that have big passions for UFOs.
They strongly believe that there are objects in the sky that
have their own mind. Some often believe that ailens are real as well.
that prove UFOs are real.
This is the common shape of an UFO that humans think when they see one.
Job Salary
Their income is "out of this world"!
Their earnings potential is "Astronomical"!
To be honest, an Ufologist don't make any money at all, their earnings come from TV shows or the books that they've written and how much copies it sells. In the real world, not a lot of money will spend they own earnings to pay for books or magazines about unidentified flying objects. Some ufologists that work for Nasa will earn up to $200,000 depending on what they do.
Ufology has not widely been embraced by academia as a scientific field of study even though it was, in the early days, the subject of large-scale scientific studies that produced reports described to follow. In August 2008, the University of Melbourne offered Martin Plowman its first degree in ufology.
Most people who go into ufology will have back ground studies in astronomy, physics and space crafts. They will need these studies to indicate that it is in fact an UFO and not a some kind of plane or other space crafts.
Ufologists don't have classes for speicial trainging that they need. However, they need to have knowledge in cameras and telescopes in case they find something.
Not likely
Why is it Weird?
These people are study object that other people never would have thoguht before. They chase after weird things in the sky. It is not a normal job to have to always be looking for something. Most of the time, they don't even know what they are looking for. They believe in odd and weird things and they spen most of their time waiting for something to happen. This job is very unique because not a lot of people are successful in it and most of the time, it's pointless.
Has Anyone Ever heard of This?
People usually know what a UFO is, but not a lof them know what ufologists are. Most people think this is a dead-end job and frequently never heard of this job before.
Would I Ever Consider this job?
I would NEVER consider doing this job because I have no interest in this frield of work and I personally don't believe in aliens and weird spacecraft voodo. This job doesn't pay well and it's just wasting time. Not a lot of people could make a living out of this job.
Thanks for listening! :)

Hope you learned A LOT!
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