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Solids and Liquids

EDUC-W 200 Case Study

Rachel Knuttel

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Solids and Liquids

The world is made up of lots of things! Lakes and Mountains Trees and Grass Desks and Schools All of the things around us are different, but they are all what we call MATTER.

Matter is anything that takes up space. Matter can be divided into three categories. We will talk about two of them. Solids can look very different. We use them in lots of ways. They can be hard and strong like bricks. They can be soft and floppy like teddy bears. Water is an example of a liquid. Liquids can spray and splash! But how are solids and liquids different?

They have different properties.

Properties describe how something looks and feels. Size and shape are two properties of solids.

The size and shape of solids do not change unless you do something to them.

They can be rigid, like a guitar. You can't bend a guitar. They can be flexible like a scarf. You can bend and twist a scarf and it won't break. One is a SOLID. A pencil is a solid. The other is LIQUIDS. Milk is a liquid. Solids can be broken into pieces. The pieces will be smaller. But, when you put the pieces back together, it is the same shape and takes up the same amount of space as before. Some solids, like sand, are very tiny. You can pout sand out of a bucket, every tiny piece of sand is a solid. Liquids have properties too! They can be poured. Liquids don't have their own shape. They take the shape of their container. Now you know all about solids and liquids! QUIZ TIME! Which of these are liquids? Liquids can be very different. They can be foamy and have bubbles on top, like water in the ocean. They can be bubbly and have bubbles inside them, like soda or sparkling juice. They be viscous and thick or slow to pour, like honey. They can be transparent and completely see through. They can be translucent and clear, but not see through. Is a book a liquid? No! It's a solid. Is soda a liquid? Yes! Is hand soap a liquid? Yes! Is dirt a liquid? No! It is a solid. Is chocolate a liquid? No! It is a solid. Is blood a liquid? Yes! You can change a liquid into a solid.
You can also change a solid into a liquid. Butter turns from a solid to a liquid when you melt it. Liquid water turns to solid ice when you freeze it. So what turns a solid into a liquid or a liquid into a solid?
Heating it up or cooling it down!

Try it yourself!
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