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Autism Speaks 2

No description

German Rivera

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Autism Speaks 2

Why will people follow us on Facebook and Twitter?
No one wants to follow a brand that will just spit out facts, and talk about all the steps they are taking to help a cause or how you can help/donate etc. We have to make it FUN! by germán rivera and aravindan thirunavukarasu OBJECTIVE
Raise awareness about autism

primary - College students 18-24 years old 
secondary - Political figures and supporters

Reach out to the government and your local state representatives to make them more aware and proactive towards autism related legislation and funding, and participate in autism related events to help raise awareness.

Shocking, fun and edgy. But not too edgy. PRIMARY
raise awareness about autism

get support from political figures to write federal and state autism-related legislation and disburse funding to autism related causes. COLLEGE STUDENTS 18-24
- Politically and socially active influencers
- Follow politics and economics.
- Have strong stands on social issues like LGBT rights, abortion
and the death penalty.
- They read local and international newspapers and magazines.
(Time, NY Times, etc.)
- They study politics and economics, they are our future leaders.
- Strong points of view, debaters, influencers.

- Have a following
- Read newspapers and keep up to date with local and international news
- Local leaders/heroes
- Make big decisions
- Have power and means to make a message be heard, and make a change
- Have strong opinions and take definitive postures in social issues COLLEGE STUDENTS 18-24
- They will only stand for things they truly believe in
- Fond of clear sincere advertising
- They like spreading messages they believe in
- The main medium to reach them is through the web, specifically social media (FB and Twitter)

- Busy lives, hard to reach
- Only have time for the few things that stand out in their daily lives
- They make an impact fast
- They listen issues when they make buzz
- Family orientated
- They access their news from print and digital newspapers
- They are starting to use social media Both target audiences are interested in helping and making a change, but they know to truly help they have to focus on a specific issue, and there are a lot of causes out there.

Children with autism are hyper sensible, their attention to fine detail and capacity for extraordinary focus, might make them the next Einstein, Mozart, or Van Gogh.
They had autism too. The purpose of the advertising will be to raise awareness and create buzz around autism in both target audiences with the message that all we need is their voice to help these children change the world. We will do this by showing historical figures that have changed the world and are believed to have had autism. The tone and manner will be fun, edgy and engaging. WHAT WOULD OF HAPPENED IF THE WORLD DID

We are going to show the power behind minds with autism and how they can change the world given the right guidance. We need people to be aware of autism or the world could miss out on the next big cure/invention. Autistic children are getting lost in society, because there is not enough funding or awareness for what has now become categorized as "a national health threat"

to save the genius, they could change the world. HOW DO WE MEASURE THIS?

@AutismSpeaks 200k followers
(currently at 90k followers)
make these hashtags a trend:
#autism, #1in88

Autism Speaks fans 2 million
(currently at 1million)

Recruit and confirm new political figures as supporters of the cause Autism is one of the scariest diseases a child and his family can face. 1 out of every 88 children have autism, and this is not a number we should oversee but sadly autism is an underestimated cause.

Well, we say believe, we say trust, we say no, to being afraid, no, to pulling them aside, no, to ignoring their abilities. Because for us, autism is real, but autism can also change this world for the better. Our children with autism need us, and we'll be here for them, spreading the word, because they can't. We're giving our children the opportunity to truly change the world, because they already have the tools, they just need our voice.
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