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Koenigsegg in Russia

No description

Greg Acker

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Koenigsegg in Russia

Greg Acker
Ashley Gustafson
Andy Johnson
Corey Williams Koenigsegg The Company Russia Population 142,517,670
Growth 4.3%
Gini 42
Corruption index2.2
Major city populationMoscow 10.523 m, St Petersburg 4.575m, Novosibirsk 1.397m, The Market Target Group Auto enthusiasts with net worth over $100 million USD
Over 100 billionaires in Russia
79 billionaires in Moscow alone
1.2 million millionaires projected by 2020 Positioning Competition Distribution Sales Social Media Storyboard Media Promotion Income Statement Summary Packaging
and Price The Product Founded by Christian von Koenigsegg at age 22 in 1994
Handcrafted supercars
Based in Ängelholm, Sweden on an airfield Koenigsegg Agera R
5.0 L V8 Twin Turbo
Produces 1140 hp on E85
0-200 in 17.68 sec
Top speed 273 mph Leader in performance and style
Appeals to status conscious Base price $1.5 million 46,567,500 Ruble
Price will increase with upgrades Mercury Auto
Limited inventory
Ship directly from factory to Moscow Dealer staff trained directly by Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg offers support to buyers
Goal of 5 cars in Russia for 1st year
Press releases to periodicals sought by market
Transit Advertising Event sponsorship
Bring the vehicle to the target market
Video displays at car dealer
Auto shows Great opportunities in Russia
Koenigsegg has a lot to offer the market
Social media and PR will be the key drivers to success Heavy use of social media
YouTube channel
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