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dannie zosa

on 5 March 2014

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Strategic Approach in Events
The role of PR in event planning
Types of events

Tomorrowland Music Festival

What Events Management Needs
Angeles l Bito l Herrera l Nathanielsz l Neri l Herrera l Perez l Santos l Zosa
A significant happening
A social gathering or activity

comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling
an initiative to accomplish a goal
Hierarchy of Events Team
Event Management Process
Corporate event

Sporting event
School event
Music Festival
Wedding event
Situational Analysis

Why they attend your event?
What information they already have in hand
What additional information they need
What will make them truly feel they have been heard
Which tools and services will set them up for success?
Mapping the Journey

Put yourself in the shoes of your attendees
“People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Informed Creative Expression

Design an innovative environment that responds to the conditions of the project
Consider the layering of objects, form, color, patterns, and textures with communications.
Engineering the Right Message
Define what the BIG MESSAGE is
Create a marketing or communications brief
Collaborate the brief to stakeholders
Creative Thinking
Strong Leadership
#1 Effective and economical invitations
# 2 Custom communications reach the response
#3 Comprehensive campaign management
#4 Leverage the event website
#5 Let attendees do the planning
#6 Embrace technology
Secrets to successful events management
#7 Secure the details
Public Relations can:

Effectively generate ticket sales and attendance
Secure sponsors and advertisers
Create a buzz of excitement public awareness Encourage media to attend and/or cover the event
1. Develop a PR plan around the event.
2. Messages should be tailored for each channel.
3. Plan your work and work your plan.
4. Know your target audience.
5. Start as early as possible.
6. Have a hook.
How to use PR in events
Organizer: ID&T Events
Event Design: International Electronic Dance Music Festival held for two to three days at the last week of July where enjoying life is united with best possible experience of a fairy tale world.
Venue: Boom, Belgium
Audience and Attendance:
Aged from 18 years old and above. These individuals and groups come from different countries who all enjoy great electronic dance music, wild crowd and wish to escape from reality.

Event Details
Event Overview
A large electronic music festival held in Belgium.
Used to be organized by the brothers Beers together with ID&T, subsidiary of SFX Entertainment.
Takes place in the town of Boom, Belgium
Has been organized since 2005.
Has since become one of the most notable global music festivals
In March 2013, SFX Entertainment announced that it would begin organizing an American spin-off of Tomorrowland, known as
The inaugural edition of TomorrowWorld was held last September 27–29, 2013
The festival played host to over 140,000 attendees over the weekend.
The 2014 edition of TomorrowWorld will be held on September 26–28, 2014.
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