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The History of Humanoid Robots

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Collin Noorda

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of The History of Humanoid Robots

Hello, my name is Collin and I will be talking about the history of humanoid robots. I will cover most of the different aspects of the humanoid robot thourghout this prezi.
History of Humanoid Robots
The Beginning
The first robot was created in 1495 by Leonardo Divinci. It was a humanoid that could wave its arms, sit up, and move its head while opening and closing its jaw. It looked like an armored knight made of plated steel.
What Are Humanoid Robots?
Honda has made a very advanced humanoid robot called ASIMO. They have been working on ASIMO since 1986. Lets watch a video about ASIMO.
Humanoid robots are robots that are shaped like a human. They have arms, legs, a torso, and a head. They are robots that are meant to be able to do everything that a human can do.
-Humanoid Robots/Androids
-I chose this topic because it intrested me greatly
Humanoid robots have been used for different purposes over the years. They have been use in everything from movies to household maids. Engineers are finding more and more uses for humanoid robots.
My project will be covering most of the ways humanoid robots are used. It will also talk about where a few robots are made.
There Is More!
ASIMO is not the only advanced humanoid robot. Here are a few more humanoid robots that are meant to be future house helpers.
War Robots
Most governments want a humanoid robot for war purposes. They want these robots to be strong and to complete the tasks they are assigned.
Like governments want war robots, companies want robots that will replace humans. They want robots so they don't have to pay people for working. These robots are what people think will better the world
Where Robots Are Made
Google, Meka, Honda Robotics, and Kawada Robotics are just a few of the multiple humanoid robot building companies throughout the world. Some of these companies are building robots for the same purposes, but others are making new ways to use robots.
Domestic Robots
Domestic robots are robots used to help around the house. These could be butlers to maids. These robots will do all the chores around a home.
Comic Robots
DC Comics Realesed an android supervillain in June 1960, in The Brave and the Bold #30. He was called Amazo. He was made by a mad scientist who wanted to destroy the Justice League. The android was able to copy a persons abilities by simply looking at them.
Movie Robots
Robots are used in movies everywere now. they can be good or bad. The recent Avengers movie featured two new androids. Ultron and Vision. There are many other humanoid robots in movies.
Drones are robots that are designed to perform a specific task. After they achieve that task they usually shut down or are reprogrammed
Robot Processing
A robot processes something by deducing what is happenning and how best to respond to the situation.
Foreign Robots
Believe it or not the USA is not the only country that makes robots. There are many other countries with advance robots such as Japan.
Are Robots Sassy
When making a robot you do not usually want to add sass as part of its personality or someone could be offended and would not buy the robot.
Do Androids Sing
HRP-4C is an android that can sing. It was made to resemble a young girl.
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