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Northwest territory

No description

Philip Sczykutowicz

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Northwest territory

Relative location of Northwest territory is that Yukon is west of it and British Columbia,and Alberta are south of it and Nunavut is east of it.
Human Characteristics
The religion of the Northwest territory`s is Christianity.
The population total is 41,462.
Local Government
The capital of Northwest Territory is Yellowknife.
The Southern part of the territory has a subarctic climate while the islands and northern coast have a polar climate.
Physical Features
Some physical features are the great slave lake,Nahanni national park,and Norman wells.
Northwest territory
Jacquelyn reasoner
6th hour

Absolute location is that there is a Mackenzie river and highway.
The language of Northwest territory is Chipewyan,Cree,English,French,North slavery.
The population density is 0.04/ square kilometers (0.10/sq mi).
Major cities
Some major cities are Aklavik,Fort Mcpherson,and Holman
Some attractions are Ingraham trail, Northern life Museum .
The Northwest territory transportation is GNWT.
Zac Boyer playes hockey.
Nellie Cournoya is a polition.
Helen Kalvak is a artist.
Some sports are Basketball and hockey.
Things to do
Some are the Wildcat Cafe.
You could go to see mac the moose.
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