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Procter & Gamble Presentation

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javier Degetau

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Procter & Gamble Presentation

Business Model Business Model PESTLE Analysis of PESTLE Analysis of Company's Governance of Company's Governance
Critique of 1. International Company: Manufacturing facilities around the world. Reduce the foreign exchange risk involved with selling products globally. 2. Reinvesting in research & development:

Continuous product improvement
Customer satisfaction
Brand Loyalty 3. Market Analyze: Market study with information systems to collect and analyze retail sales data.

4. Electronic Orders: Retailers can electronically order products in advance from P&G. 1. Political:

Lobbying ActivityP&G’s Global Government Relations & Public Policy team (P&G GGRPP)
P&G complies with all U.S. federal and state laws, including the Lobbying Disclosure Act and Honest Leadership and Open Government Act.

U.S. Corporate Political Activity

The P&G Good Government Fund (P&G GGF) 4. Technological:
Using latest technologies to attract customers
Continuous technology innovation
Company has intense competition for latest technologies. Eg Gillette. Revenues Development Cutting Edge Products Cutting Edge Products Sales forces equipped with computers Major Holders, Major Institutional Holders & Major Mutual Holders. Audit Committee, Remuneration and Leadership Development Committee Governance and Public Responsibility Committee and Innovation and Technology Committee. PESTLE Analysis of 3. Social:
Pampers and UNICEF: Working Together for Healthy Babies

Always & Tampax PESTLE Analysis of 2. Economic: National Income & GDP is growing. The infrastructure supports industry.

The Company’s long-term financial targets are:

-Grow organic sales 1% to 2% faster than market growth in the categories and geographies in which we compete,
-Deliver earnings per share (EPS) growth of high single digits to low double digits, and
-Generate free cash flow productivity of 90% or greater. PESTLE Analysis of 5. Environmental: PESTLE Analysis of 6. Laws & Regulations:
-Health, safety and environmental requirements worldwide.
-Regulations, laws and permits.
-Subject to Lawsuits and claims Protecting shareholders' interests
Role of NED on the board
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