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American BHD

No description

Dylan Pierce

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of American BHD

Empires rise ...and fall Why would we be any different? The utter collapse of the Stock Market... The growing power of radical extremists... Philadelphia The start and the symbol of rebellion My mind was occupied with more important things... How am I gonna pull this 3.0 out of my ass? WHY DOES ACCOUNTING REFUSE
TO MAKE ANY SENSE Maybe the Hans really does poison us with laxatives in
the food.... Do business coop's drug test? I NEED TO TRANSFER Sleep > Psych Lecture right? this is it? what a dump Should I transfer? I hope this depression doesn't
involve my alcohol intake In the meantime, American democracy was falling apart at its seams Somalia threatened to intervene unless quick strides were taken to control the violence... The President had to make an executive decision... To reconcile and save a doomed democracy, a meeting of the top militia leaders with the President was set... In Air Force One... And it might've worked... CRASH With no explanation, the militias blamed each other - leaving America irreversibly torn... That's the first time I heard low flying jets... ...foreign propganda ...and "precision" bombs We were assured from pamplets dropped from the sky... That the Somalian people were just peacekeepers... That only the violent militias would be targeted... Thier newscasts told one story... But what we saw was dramatically different The more killed mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters... The stronger the militia When the Somalian "peacekeeping" force set up camp just outside Philadelphia... Cell phone service: terminated Propaganda flooded every channel The Internet became inexlicabliy censored... Anyone openly criticizing the Somalians wasn't heard from again... A new, secret way of communicating information developed For weeks, the infuriated population found itself a victim of an unseeable, untangible of constant agaitation... Until one day, the daily run of helicopters dropped more than pamplets... News traveled must've traveled faster than expected... The militia quickly stacked merchandise from bombed out stores to block the streets garabage trucks were quickly parked to set up a perimeter around the drop zone Clearly, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time I felt the explosions from my dorm, but I never thought of all places the invasion
would begin in Drexel's campus
In my daze, someone placed an AK-47 in my hand... @slezy656 Club meeting tonight? txt: Has anybody seen MrCharles? txt: he left for vacation last night >.< @2times2slow do you have any extra pencils? I have a midterm coming up @yessir57 Don't use facebook chat tonight, it's wayyyy to laggy I never felt the bullet enter my brain Unintentionally, as the firsty marytr, I helped the resistance by teaching witnesses of my death to stay out of window view
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