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BIM lv. 2 - Dynamo - Parameter find/replace - Process Map A12

Eoghan Harris

eoghan HARRIS

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of BIM lv. 2 - Dynamo - Parameter find/replace - Process Map A12

Involves the mass changing of parameters and care should be taken after running to make sure all parameters are changed correctly.

Find and replace parameters

Opensource software available at
Installs as a Revit add in.
Automatically links itself to current
open Revit project
Email eoghanharris@gmail.com for dynamo script file
Download and Install dynamo
Issue: Revit is unable to mass replace parameters similar to MS office's find and replace text.

Eg. Parameter values need to be changed in mass. Room IRL01.001 to be replaced by IRL02.001 etc., throughout entire schedule, quickly and easily"

Parameter value find and replace
door marks throughout required
to be changed to include prefix
first node selects category required
Lists all elements of selected category
displays list of doors by parameter
selected parameter to be modified
custom node adds the text of
suffix and doormark together.
A replace node would be used to 'find/replace'
a string node is just text
final node writes new parameter
values back to revit
original list of doors
parameter affected
new parameter values
Run script in dynamo and
changes will appear in Revit
Dynamo -
Text parameters can be find/replaced or text fields added together (as below)
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