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SUPERPOWERS before/during WW2...

Reasons for hostility between them.

Felicite Mukeshimana

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of SUPERPOWERS before/during WW2...

Hostility between SUPERPOWERS? USA USSR capitalist communist Imposing their own system of government in each other's countries USSR accused USA of delaying their attack on the west side of Germany Their would be less USSR and Nazi's troops and the USA would be able to 'sweep' in. Soviets = 200 mill. people
USA = 400, 000 troops USA saw the USSR as a threat to their national security as they were growing economically USA had the atomic bomb and the USSR had a MASSIVE army... Caused permanent suspicion of who would start war first Dealing with Germany! USSR wanted to punish Germany whilst USA wanted to help them to be be a running country treated as allies... Disagreement between them caused more tension and hostility That's it.
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