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Copy of The Incredibles Hero Journey Project

No description

Birdie Brazil

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Incredibles Hero Journey Project

By Lisa Gorham The Hero's Journey The Incredibles at home
Hiding their powers
Mr. Incredible (Bob) misses "glory days"
Wishes he could be super again The Ordinary World Mr. Incredible receives message from Mirage
Becomes excited
Decides to go but doesn't tell Helen
Mirage informs him about robot during plane ride The Call to Adventure Mr. Incredible saves the day by destroying the robot that is terrorizing the island. He is pleased and this makes him want to be a hero even more. Then he is asked to come back to save the day again by Mirage. The government says that superheroes should "hang up their capes"
Very dangerous for superheroes
Getting caught saving the day would uproot family
Helen desperately wants him to stay and pay more attention to his kids Refusal of the Call Goes to see Edna
Gets new suit
Gets advice Meeting with the Mentor (For Mr. Incredible) Mr. Incredible decides to come back to the island for a second time Crossing the Threshold Helen (Mrs. Incredible) decides she needs to find out what he is actually doing
She also meets with mentor (Edna), prepares, and decides to leave to find Mr. Incredible and bring him home Mr. Incredible finds out who controls the robot
Gets captured by Syndrome
Family comes to rescue in plane, get shot down
Mirage helps them
Family reunites
Try to escape
Tests, Allies, and Enemies They learn of the robot Syndrome has programmed to attack the city
Family escapes island in bus attached to plane
Prepare to save the day
The Approach All of the Incredibles, with help from Frozone, battle the robot
Syndrome is defeated
The city is saved The Ordeal For the first time in a very long time, the superheroes are applauded for saving the day
Mr. Incredible feels useful again
The whole family is happy The Reward Come home in limo
Reminisce about times they had
Mom listens to messages from Kari, gets worried The Road Back Get home
Syndrome has gotten Jack-Jack
Tries to steal him away to be his sidekick
Jack-Jack finds his powers, the Incredibles save the day again
Syndrome is defeated once and for all, family is safe The Resurrection Go back to being a normal family
Feel accomplished
Violet talks to Tony
Dash goes out for track
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