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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 24

No description

Pia Esguerra

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 24

By Pia Esguerra To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapter 24 "When Miss Maudie was angry, her brevity was icy." (233) Brevity "' Out there in J. Grimes Everett's land there's nothing but sin and squalor.'" (231) Squalor "' The handful of people in this town who say that fair play is not marked whites only; the handful of people who say a fair trial is for everybody, not just us; the handful of people with enough humility to think, when they look at a negro, there but for the Lord's kindness am I.'" (236) - Miss Maudie Chapter Quotation Aunt Alexandra is hosting one of her missionary circle affairs. Atticus comes in and tells them that Tom Robinson was shot and killed trying to escape. In this chapter.... Allusion "'I think that woman, that Mrs. Roosevelt's lost her mind - just plain lost her mind coming down to Birmingham and tryin to sit with 'em.'" (234) -Mrs. Merriweather Eleanor Roosevelt went to a Southern Conference meeting for Human Welfare in Birmingham where she sat in the center aisle between the whites and the African Americans. brevity(n.): the state or character of being brief; shortness; fewness of words. squalor (n.): foulness; filthiness Importance:
Shows how Miss Merriweather is so prejudice against the African Americans.

Eleanor Roosevelt did not believe in segregation or prejudices. My sentence:

The brevity of the President's speech allowed extra time for an interview at the end. My sentence:

It is impossible to be sanitary and clean if you live in a world of squalor. Mrs. Merriweather She feels entitled.

She relates to the theme of the chapter by showing how hypocritical she is when she criticizes her maid Sophy.

Also hypocritical towards J. Grimes Everett.

End Scout joins them and listens to everything they say. Shows how few people do exist in the town, who have the ability to see through the color of one's skin.

They can, with the "Lord's kindness" accept the colored people in their town, and won't judge.
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