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The 12 Step Design Process

No description

karla guerrero

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of The 12 Step Design Process

The 12 Step Design Process
What Is a Design Process?
-Come up with as many ideas possible
- Think of ones that might be impossible
-Record all of them
-Sketching Out ideas is very helpful
Third Step
Start sorting out your ideas that seem unrealistic or impractical
- Do research on the problem
-Research into ideas that exist and innovate
-Interview people impacted by the problem
- Apply the Stem Principles
S- Science, T- Technology, E- engineering, M- math
Fourth Step
Constraints Involve things such as
- Time
- cost
- space
- resources
They set boundaries which should be met
Fifth Step
Make your brainstorming ideas more enhanced

Keep exploring for alternative ideas you learn more about the problem
First Step

Define the Problem,
-Explain the problem-
-Why does it exist?
- Is it a need or a want?
- Is it a problem worth solving?
- Who is it for?
Second Step
Brainstorming Ideas
Research and Generate Ideas
Identify Criteria and Constraints
Identify what the solution must do and how it must do it
Explore The Possibilities
Sixth Step
Select an Approach
-Anwser lingering question
that has to do with design vality
-Narrow down ideas down, using te decision matrix
-Choose the best idea depending on the descion matrix
-Go into more detail, into your final design
-Start making detailed sketches
-Also start making annotated sketches so that the design is accurate.
- Start considering the type of material that will be used and the cost
Seventh Step
Develop a Design Proposal
Eighth Step
Make a model or Prototype
Construct a model to help analyze idea aspects such as
- shape
Testing commences
Good So far
Ninth Step
Test and Evaluate Design
-Performance Data is gathered
-Resuts are analyzed with established criteria
-The prototype is tested in diffrent environments
Tenth Step
Refine the Design
-Make changes that might not be good ideas based on constraints
-Rebuild protype,retest to establish accurate and consitent performance result

Create or Make Solution
Eleventh Step
Develop a plan for production and marketing such as
- packaging
- distribution

Draft a product business plan

Twelfth Step
Communicate results
Communication, is the final Step
- Hand your business partner he business plan for production
-Use appropriate presentation tool when explaining the final solution
Thank you!
In Conclusion
If you follow these steps it should provide you with the best possible solution
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