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CECA: Video Blogging Using an iPad

No description

Angela Heidgerd

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of CECA: Video Blogging Using an iPad

Marly Parker and Angela Heidgerd
Poll Everywhere
Steps to Embed Video in a Post
Record video with iPad camera
Video Blogging Using an iPad
Technical Journey: Blogs and iPads
Leave video raw or edit video in iMovie
Use an app to upload to storage site
Example of using features in iMovie
Example of simple video
Example of simple iMovie
Write blog post. Type "place video here"
where video will be embedded
Go to website (not app) and grab the html or embed code
Go back to blog post but on the text/html side. Delete the text "place video here" and paste the html/embed code
Save changes or publish post from text/html side
PicMonkey website and Phonto app
Technical Journey Blog
Get Blogging
Choose a Blog Platform
Example of using still images and voice overs
iTunes music
Have you ever created a blog or used video for educational purposes?
Text 237148 and your message to 37607
Our choice was Edublogs
Blogger-Google's free blogging service
KidBlog- designed for teachers
to use with students
WordPress.com- self hosted blog
$39.95 a year for Edublogs Pro
Get familiar with dashboard
Choose theme
Create simple posts
Get platform app
Time for Video
Choose video storage site and app
Chose flickr for
photos and video
Later switched to vimeo for video due to html5 capabilities
Embedding Video in a Post
Practice taking a short video and uploading through app
Locate the embed code from share in the website
Copy the code and paste it in the text side of blog post
A good idea is to type "place video here" in your blog post. Then delete the text and paste the code on the html/text side. If using edublogs be sure to save from html/text side right after embedding code.
Get Fancy:
Make Video a Movie

iMovie app
Poll Everywhere
How can video be used in educational blogs?
Text 237355 and your message to 37607
(videos could not be viewed on an iPad)
Ways We Have Used Video
Showcase students in action
Video explaining a lesson

Visual lessons for students
Connecting Communities
Your awesome ideas from our poll
(won't embed video)
Progress in Movie Making
contact us at rotellamagnet@gmail.com
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