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Air pollution

the air pollution is when you contaminate the air

Lucia Strange

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Air pollution

We decided to do something

Plant trees to clean the air and take care of our environment.
How can we plant many trees in Lima?

*If we give out small trees to parents, then they will plant them in their houses and as a result we will have cleaner air in Lima.
Air Pollution
Members: Sebastian P,
Lucia A, Ariana P, Paolo L
Exhibition theme:
We can do it!
What is air pollution?

It is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air.
Car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen and mold spores cause air pollution.
Transdisciplinary theme:
Sharing the planet.
Central idea:We are
responsible for our actions and all the effects we cause in our environment.
Top 5 most polluted cities of the world
1 Linfen, China
2 Tianying, China
3 Sukinda, India
4 Vapi, India
5 La Oroya, Peru
Action plan

*We have learnt a lot about air pollution.

*We think that we have made a good job for our environment.

*We have learnt a lot sharing together.

*We hope people help us stopping air pollution.
Thanks for

What is the problem?

People don't mind contaminating
the air, that's why we are against
air pollution. We want cleaner air.

What is the problem in la Oroya, Peru?
*A list of Peruvian towns suffer from critical levels of air pollution because there is a mining plant in the Andes.

*They have been exposed to toxic emissions and wastes from the mining plant.

*There is a village in Perú were houses, roads, hospitals, schools and a few green areas are covered by a gray powder.

*Now we know that they are taking action on that situation.
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