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How to Add Voice Over to Your Prezi

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Priscila Sousa

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of How to Add Voice Over to Your Prezi

How to Add Voice Over to Your Prezi
Step 1
From the Left Sidebar on your "Edit Prezi" page, click on the thumbnail for the path step (Slide) you want to add sound to
Step 3
Browse to the location in your computer of the file you want to add to your prezi.
The sound will play every time you reach the path step when in Present Mode.
Step 2
Then select 'Add voice-over to Path Step' from the 'Insert' menu.
Step 4
Once you have selected your sound file, you will see it start to upload into your prezi.
Step 5
Once the process is completed, you can click the triangle to play the audio, or click 'Done' to continue editing you prezi.


You can stop the upload before it has completed using the 'Cancel' button if you change your mind about adding the audio to the path step (slide)
Alternatively you can right-click on the path step's (slide's) thumbnail and select 'Add Sound to Path Step'
Adding sound to path steps (slides) or background music to the entire presentation (another option) will cause a play button and mute control to appear as part of the presentation interface.
You can use these to play your prezi and mute the sounds you have inserted. (Say, if you're presenting in in person)

If you embed your prezi into a website you will also have these options.
Helpful Tips
to Know...
To remove a sound from a path step (slide), select the thumbnail from the Left Sidebar, click on the sound's file at the top of the thumbnail, and then click on the trashcan icon
If you want to see the full name of the sound file that you have attached to a path step (slide), simply hover over the name of the audio as it appears at the top of the slide thumbnail in the Left Sidebar.
If you want to replace the sound file you have assigned to a path step (slide) with a different file, right-click on the thumbnail and select 'Replace Sound on Path Step'.
First thing's First
Generating an audio
of your voice over
Here are some helpful
voice recording programs
that will record audio in
the correct format to insert into your Prezi

If you plan on recording with your Droid... here are a couple of app suggestions
Google Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder
If you plan on recording with your PC - here are some programs available
Audio Hijack
* Free apps all the way

*I checked these downloads out - good reviews online, no viruses.
Now that we have our audios - onto the Prezi...
The screenshots from this Prezi are from a Mac but since the interface is virtually identical to ours if we use the Google Chrome it should translate seamlessly.

(I was going to screenshot every step of the way in the PC but since I found it online, thus saving you from any more waiting, I decided to go with those)
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