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The North Carolina Colony

North carolina

Rachel Licastro

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The North Carolina Colony

by: Rachel Licastro The North Carolina Colony The daily life for the colonists was usually farming crops and maintaining fields and animals. Many people were also lumberjacks. The daily life They were a major import of slaves, and were huge farmers of cotton and tobacco.They were into plantation agriculture. The great pine forests made them very wealthy because of the wood from the trees. Certain people would just sell the wood,or use it to build furniture. Economy There was not just one particular religion,but most
people were either Presbyterians, Baptists, Catholics, or Jews.
This colony was established with an Anglican religion. Religion North Carolina colony is thought to have been
founded by the Virginia colonists.
Some people think it was
founded by 8 lord proprietors. Founder The colony was founded in 1653 Date founded The end (: These are trees in the forest in North Carolina. The lumberjacks and farmers are working on the fields. What I have learned I have learned that the North Carolina colony is a very interesting colony and that it wasn't too hard living there at the time. I found out that they were widely known for their indigo, cotton, & tobacco. Most of the people there were poor and still lived happily. It was a great place for Catholics and was a place for farmers Before I did this project, I barely knew anything about this colony that i know now. I would choose Mr.Texter. I would choose him because he is a social studies teacher and he probably knows a lot about the world, how to make money,etc. He would probably be able to survive in this colony because he likes to fish & knows about the Earth. If I chose a teacher to live in this colony....
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