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Suitcase Introduction

For Bournville College Focus Group launch

Phil Parker

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Suitcase Introduction

Introducing a dynamic tutorial programme
Where will your Suitcase take you?
An Introduction to 'Suitcase'
Potential Outcomes
A tutorial programme to help you transform the your students' experience in your college
Learning underpinned by skills

Training to address classroom management, interactivity and the learning options provided by Prezi
Additional training explores how Prezi can improve independent learning and create dynamic teaching
What experiences do you want your students to have from their Suitcase?
What items are needed to facilitate a student's journey?
Consistency of tutorial delivery across the college
A vehicle to deliver continuous improvement
Effective Tutorials
The SMSC Agenda is addressed
Achievement and aspirations are raised
Meaningful and relevant time spent exploring topics which equip learners for now and the future - content which has a coherent programme of delivery over 2 years
Tutorials have a consistency of delivery so all staff understand what is required of them. Materials are easily accessed so everyone knows what to deliver.
CPD can support staff who may need it.
Students become more independent in their learning, aspirations can be raised as learning and employability are linked together
Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural dimensions are provided ensuring a breadth of education exists for all students
Teaching and learning improvements can be driven through Suitcase, creating a bespoke package for continued development
Skills which enable independent learning and improve employability.
TRICS allow you to reach your destination.
Motivated, independent learners
Dynamic, effective tutorials which infiltrate wider learning
The quality of learning and teaching is gradually improved,
employability is explicit, tutorials are used to lead the improvement
Suitcase is what you make it... but here are some possibilities...
Learning is readily understood because it's communicated through TRIC skills
TRICS enables recognition of the transferability of these skills into all areas of learning AND employment
Consistent exposure to the wider world reinforces the relevance of learning
Skills and knowledge used in tutorials are brought into courses and reinforce their importance
Learning is increasingly personalised, helping tutors to mentor/coach learners more effectively over time
Suitcase resources are used in courses to enhance specific parts of the course
Employability is inherent within learning and can lead to greater involvement by local employers
Training and Development
Learning Solutions to further enhance tutorials
Prezi-based resources
Learning underpinned by TRIC skills
Topic of the Week - current affairs explained in simple terms
Career of the Week - a simple way to raise the profile of Careers Education
Our SMSC archive of 40+ sessions covering a range of topics
Archive of over 300 resources, ideal to supplement learning
Each session approx 20 minutes
Encourages discussion and debate
Use of Edexcel's BTEC 'Learning for Life' supports learners' acquisition and development in the 16 TRIC skills
Available at Entry 3, Levels 1, 2 & 3
Learners produce their own portfolio of evidence of skill acquisition - ideal for showing to employers and demonstrating progress in the skills
Motivational qualification
Evidence can be obtained across (and beyond) the curriculum
Ideal for mentoring of learners
Track progress whilst accrediting your students
What accessories can improve your experience?
It keeps these people happy too!
More and more colleges are adopting Suitcase to provide support, raise achievement, make employability explicit and personalise learning.

Can we help you do that too?
Learning & Teaching
Scheme of Work
Bournville College's planning documents show how they've delivered Suitcase
Problem solver
Challenge seeker
Creative Learner
Reflective Learner
Team Learner
Independent Learner
Self aware
Literate Learner
Numerate Learner
"The language of learning"
An E-authored environment
to suit..
lear to stakeholders

ssistance enabled

olo & collaborative

fficiently productive
<Help and advice>
<Skills Audit>
<Interactive exploration>
Topic categories include:
Ethical matters

(like euthanasia and abortion)
Your Community
(like your E&D policy, safeguarding)
Personal & Social issues

(eg health, relationships, punctuality)
Calendar events
(Black History Month, Martin Luther King Day)

(How to Research, Literacy, Project Management)

(Employability, enterprise, UCAS, Apprenticeships)
The Suitcase App
Tutorial support - 24/7
Digital learning to suit...
(iPhone version shipping January 2015)
onfigured for interactivity (includes quizzes)
ccessible 24/7
upportive (info, news etc)
xplorable prezis
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