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Welcome to

No description

Dulce Giannoni

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to

Welcome to
Mrs. Giannoni's Class!

Portable 5
What Do You Know About Your Teacher?
Q: Who is Mrs. Giannoni?
A: List as many FACTS or bits of trivia you know or heard about Mrs. Giannoni:
1. Explain how you know these facts
2. When/where do you meet her?
3. Are you on good terms with her, or
just an aquaintance?
If you do not know Mrs. Giannoni,
what would you like to know about her?
List at least 5 things...
Use the cerulean blue piece of paper Mrs. Giannoni provides to do the following:
1. Write or design your FIRST and LAST NAMES
2. Fill Up the Name Sign with a creative design
that represents who you are.

NO WORDS... Just Graphics!

This Week's Agenda:
1. Introductions - Name Tags and Signs
2. Mrs. Giannoni, Who is she?
3. Why Are You Here? Q&A
4. Dirt About Classmates?
5. What is Character?
6. Establishing a Climate of TRUST!
Pre-climate Survey & Student Information
7. Balboa Speech
8. Mission Statements: Personal & Class Goals
9. Syllabus: Overview of Course Policy
10. Let's Test...
As Mrs. Giannoni takes attendance, be prepared to introduce yourself to the class.

Make a NAME TAG and tell us:
1. Your Name: First and Last Names
2. Grade Level
3. Pick one thing you did, or a place you visited,
must be LEGAL and APPROPRIATE, this summer
that you wish you could do again.
Mrs. Giannoni would love to go back to Lake Tahoe and spend another week with her family!
Dirt About Your Classmates:
Who do you know in this room?
List as many people's names that you know .
1. Explain how you know them
2. Where/when did you meet them?
3. Are you on good terms or not?
If you don't know anyone, take notes
so you can tell me about them later.

Tell Me WHY You Are Here and What You Know About this Course!
Q: What do you know about this class?
A: List as many details you know or heard
about this class:
1. Explain how you know these details
2. Why you think you're here?
3. Do you think this course will
help you?
Course Syllabus
ELD 1&2: Period 1
ELD 3: Period 2
ELD 4: Period 3
Study Skills, Period 4

What is Character?
what makes some one themselves
Franklin Talking Dictionary

What makes who you are as a character.
Characteristic are specific traits that exemplifies good character. A person's character counts.
For example:
A person who displays qualities of


has good character.
Why Character Counts?
-Character Counts is the basis, the foundation, the heart of this class and the rules each and everyone must follow.
-They are what guides Mrs. Giannoni to teach and instruct you every day.
-Character Counts is what is expected of you every single day you are here in this class and out in the world.
Establishing a Climate of Trust
-Answer the following Pre-Climate Survey honest.
-Don’t worry about what Mrs. Giannoni thinks, realize that this survey is to
better serve your needs.
Scoring is easy:
ONE equals NEVER and TEN equals ALWAYS
When you are finish, turn you paper over and wait quietly for the rest of the class to finish as well.

Mission Statement
Think of a Mission Statement like a learning goal or promise to yourself and possible to the people in this class.
-You will create your own personal Mission Statement and then your class mates and you will brainstorm on what you believe should be this course's Mission Statement.
-Draft up 3 to 5 class goals relating to Character Counts, Credit Recovery, Grade Requirement, Challenging Work, Complete Daily Work, Environment, etc…)
- Use general or clear specific statements.
Mission Statement Example
Mission Statement – English Lab 2006-2007
This class will provide the following to encourage a learning environment that will allow us to work together and to do what we have to in order to reach our four main goals:
1. Improve our reading and writing skills
2. Become better at oral presentations
3. We will help each other to improve our conversational skills
4. We will respect each other, our cultures, our languages, our beliefs, our family, and of course our country, so we will have a peaceful learning environment.
5. We will work to achieve our personal goals

Personal Mission Statement

1. I will do my best to follow all classroom rules and policies.
2. I will complete all that is asked of me to my best ability.
3. I will graduate from high school to better my life.
Balboa Speech
Mrs. Giannoni's Mission Statement
1. I will do my best to take care of myself like not eating "junk food!"
2. I will spend more time every day reading and playing with Gienzo.
3. I will devote more time to my husband on the weekend!
4. I will find time to do more
charity work...
Believe in Yourself!
-Why is it important to believe in yourself?
-What makes it difficult for you to stay positive?
Notebook Assignment
In your ELD Notebook, you need to include the following:
1. Cover Page
(1st pg)
2. Personal Goals
(2nd pg)
3. "I Believe in Myself" Response
(3rd pg)
Due: Tues., Sept, 8th - Periods 1 & 3 Wed., Sept. 7th - Period 2
I Believe in Myself!
Write a paragraph response to why you believe in yourself.
Homework: Clean draft, no errors if possible, and no scribbling or markings. Due Tues., 8/30 &
Wed., 8/31.; Per. 1-Th., 9/1
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