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Goran Vlacic - Resume Prezi

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Goran Vlacic

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Goran Vlacic - Resume Prezi

Goran Vlacic
First graduating class of the world's 1st Undergraduate Nanotechnology Engineering Program
birthplace of RIM and the Blackberry
Home of the world's largest co-op program, and world's largest Math faculty
Voted Canada's "most innovative", "highest quality", "leaders of tomorrow" and "best overall" university 14 years in a row
Quantum Mechanics
Polymer Chemistry
Advanced Finance
Materials Science
OLEDS & Electronics
Organizational Behaviour
International Economics
Honours Co-op
Nanotechnology Engineering
Economics Minor
Fuel Cell Synthesis
Semiconductor Fabrication
Polymer Syntehsis
Immunology Labs
Chemotherapy Encapsulation
Labs & Projects
Drug Delivery
Electrochromic Eyewear Synthesis
Tissue Culture
Electric Characterization
MEMs Labs
Carbon Nanotube Analysis
Jan 2009 – Apr 2009
Cancer Stem Cell Laboratory Assistant
University Health Network – McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine
Fundamental research and development for new leukemia and colon cancer models:
Part of the research team which found first proof of leukemic stem cells lead by the Canada Research Chair in Stem Cell Biology
Bridged the gap between scientific research and new business development through Entrepreneurship Conferences at MaRS Discovery District (Biotech-Business Incubator)
Training in private equity funding & tech. development in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals industry
Sep 2007 – Dec 2007
MMIR Project Engineering
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Helped company to ready a new Isotope Nuclear Reactor and upgrade old MAPLE reactors:
Nuclear Reactor remediation with the MDS Nordion Medical Isotope Reactor Team to restart production of the world's Medical Isotope Supply which was halted in December 2007
Assisted with the Shut off Rod Safety Systems Design Manual for MAPLE Nuclear Reactors
Performed lab testing on PLC's linked to Nuclear Hot Cell Control Panels in NRU Reactor
Jan 2008 – Apr 2008
Nanosatellite Designer, Spacecraft Engineering
Canadian Space Agency
Assured mission success for first ever coordinated fuel-free satellite flight:
Part of a R&D venture and first propulsion-free flight of the Japan Canada Joint Collaboration Satellite Mission (JC2Sat) in partnership with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Increased satellite's performance by analyzing launch, eclipses, manoeuvring GPS communication, and imaging scenarios, and then recommending improvements
Led project to model Power Usage of the twin satellites through collaboration with Japanese Engineers & Mission Specialists; Proposed and implemented mission cost reduction by optimizing structure/weight ratio
Jan 2007 – Apr 2007
Emergency Planning
Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Reconstructed Emergency Preparation Committees after Air France crash at Pearson Airport:
Helped lead planning committees and constructed committee websites to prevent further airport incidents
Organized and directed a team of company employees, clients, and company executives on the opening days of the new Pier F in Terminal 1of Pearson International Airport
Created a technical Performance Indicator Report on Airport Medical Incident Response Time
Printed Wiring Board Designer
Honeywell Aerospace Canada
Designed new Printed Wiring Boards for Aerospace and Defence corporations:
Worked in a cross-functional team of aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers to meet the size and design requirements of a new Transorb Lightning Protection System board within an already existing MD-90 Aircraft Control Unit
Recommended then implemented redesign of Airbus A380, Boeing 737, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, De Havilland Dash-8, and McDonell Douglas DC-9 drawings
Created Printed electrical and mechanical drawings for commercial and military aircraft
Candiate for Co-op Student of the Year for Outstanding performance at the Canadian Space agency
Leader with Impact Entrepreneurship Group
Fifth year member of the University of Waterloo Varsity Soccer Team
Top mark in math courses & Highest mark on Euclid Mathematics Competition
UW Engineering Entrance Scholarship for average above 90%
Student with the highest average playing the most sports
(95% average. while playing Volleyball, Badminton, and Captaining Soccer)
1st place finish at the Waterloo Consulting Engineering Competition, Future Competitor at Provincial level
Given to an outstanding
student pursuing a career
in Engineering
University of Waterloo, Nanotechnology Engineering Program Scholarship
Paul Legge Award
Second place finish at the Canadian Volleyball National Championships
National Silver Medal
Waterloo Letterman
Nanotech Scholarship
President's Scholarship
Bryan Crossly Award
Tsang Award
Engineering Consultant
Resident of VeloCity
Member of the Waterloo Astronaut Training Corps
Student Member of Professional Engineers of Ontario
Private Pilot in Training
President of the UW Serbian Students Association
Member of the UW Management Consulting Club
Chair on the University Varsity Athletics Committee
Voice of Varsity Athletics at UW, Fundraising with Think Pink Campaign for Breast Cancer, and Middle School Teaching with Team-Up
Canada's Largest Student Entrepreneurship Organization
World's 1st Incubator-Residence for student entrepreneurs
Orientation Leader
Delivered Speech to over 800 UW Engineering Student on balancing Academics, Athletics, and Work Experience
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hi, My name is Goran and I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about me ...
Hope you enjoyed learning about me ...

please feel free to email me, connect with me on LinkedIN, or call me, if you`d like to talk with me or would like a paper resume for employment opportunie purposes.

now just press one last time ...
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