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Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None

No description

Ryszard Oslizlo

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
The Truth
The story begins...
The Characters
The Murders
The Suspicions
Chapter Five
And Then There Were None
The story takes place in the 1930s on Indian Island - a small, rocky island off the English coast.
It is cut off from the rest of the world.
The Setting
The Plot
When those eight guests came to Indian Island,
they were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Rogers,
the butler and housekeeper, but where was the host...?
The guests didn’t know each other
and they didn’t know who Mr. and Mrs. Owen were.
They felt surprised but decided to stay
for dinner and spend the night on the island.
Please, make yourselves at home.
We have prepared rooms for you.
And soon we will serve dinner.
I'm sorry, but the host, Mr. Owen is not here yet. He will arrive tomorrow.
Eight people are invited to stay in a luxurious mansion on the island. But who are they?
Who invited them? And why are they here?
They went upstairs...
...and in each room
they found...
...a funny nursery rhyme
hanging on the wall.

and went downstairs
for dinner.
To their amazement,
on the dining-room table they saw...
...ten little Indian figures.
After an excellent dinner they were wondering why they had been invited to this island
when suddenly...
...they heard a voice
coming from out of the blue...
...and accusing each of them of a murder committed in the past and never uncovered.
My name is Vera Claythorne. I am the new secretary
to Mrs. Owen, the wife of Indian Island's owner.
Mrs. Owen? I don't know any Owens. My name is Anthony Marston and my friends invited me to a party here.
You must be wrong, both of you. My name is Emily Brent. I was invited to stay here by my old friends and they certainly won't have any party!
I am General John MacArthur. I totally agree with you,
Miss Brent. My old friends invited me too and they promised me a quiet stay.
Well, I don't even care who invited me. I just like travelling! I'm Philip Lombard, by the way.
You must be joking.
I only came here because they paid me. I'm detective William Blore,
A policeman?
That's interesting...
I am a judge, but retired.
My name is Lawrence Wargrave.
Nice to meet you, sir.
I am doctor William
Armstrong. I will watch over
Mrs. Owen's health.
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