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Rizal's two novels

USC-TC 1st semester 2011-2012 Hist17 Group 4 prepared by Jan Louis Gazo

Jan Louis Gazo

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of Rizal's two novels

Rizal's novel's Hist17 TTh 7:30-9:00 - Group 4 Putting into context Assimilation (Rizal's birth - 1882) Transition Period (1882 - 1891) Rizal was born into the Spanish-Filipino Society period when Rizal left the Philippines in 1882 until he published El Filibusterismo
period when he no longer liked what was going on in the Philippines but was not yet sure as to its alternative Separatist Period (1891 - death) period when Rizal published El Filibusterismo until his death
period when he decided there's no other solution but to separate the Philippines from Spain Noli me Tangere published on March 21, 1887 in Berlin, Germany
Rizal was 26 years old at that time
a descriptive novel El Filibusterismo published on September 18, 1891 in Ghent, Belgium
Rizal was 30 years old at that time
a prescriptive novel Characters Juan Crisostomo Ibarra main antagonist
represented the cosmopolitan side of Rizal Elias savior of Ibarra in the end, though Ibarra was able to save him before that
represented the provincial side of Rizal Don Rafael Ibarra father of Juan Crisostomo
represented the good Spaniards Pilosopo Tasyoo represented a visionary
was said to be Paciano Rizal What is the difference between a descriptive novel and a prescriptive novel? descriptive novel - describes a situation as it is
prescriptive noel - describes a situation and presents/suggests a solution
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