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A Plant's Life Cycle

This presentation details the life cycle of a plant for preschool classroom.

Katelyn Tung

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of A Plant's Life Cycle

A Plant's Life Cycle

By: Katelyn Tung Seed Every plant begins with a seed. When conditions are right, the seed begins to germinate (grow.) Sprout Roots Stem Leaves Bud Flower Sprout Seed Pod The roots begin to grow down and hold the plant in the soil, will absorbing water and nutrients. The stem starts to grow up and provides support for the plant. It is also a pathway along which water and food can travel. The sprout is what we call the plant once the stem has broken through the soil. It will grow to look like the plant from which the original seed came from. The leaves grow from the stem, once the plant becomes a sprout. They use light to make food for the plant. Once the plant has leaves it doesn't need nutrition from the seed to survive any longer. The bud holds a flower. Once the flower is ready to bloom, the bud will begin to open. The flower is usually brightly colored and it holds the organs of the plant that allow it to reproduce, or make seeds. The seed pod is an enclosure for a plants seeds. Sometimes a seed pod is a fruit, but not always. Once the seeds are ready to leave the plant the seed pod opens and releases them.
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