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SAP BusinessObjects BI4

An overview of SAP BI4 and short demonstration of its features

Ryan Moore

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of SAP BusinessObjects BI4

Ryan Moore
SAP BusinessObjects BI4
DATA SERVICES - Extract, transform and load data from heterogeneous data sources
DQM & MDM - Allow for data quality and master data management
Access the data
What you (usually) need from a business intelligence suite
INFORMATION DESIGN TOOL - lets you create a semantic layer called a Universe which allows the end user to analyze data and create reports using relevant business language regardless
of the underlying data sources and structures
Define the business rules


BI content

BI content

A complete suite of reporting, analysis, search, exploration and dashboard development tools ...
Create BI content
CRYSTAL REPORTS - Connect to virtually any data source, design and format interactive reports, and share them internally or externally.

WEB INTELLIGENCE - Perform ad-hoc queries and intuitive analysis across heterogeneous data sources online or offline
Reporting & Analysis
BI DASHBOARDS - Design simple or extraordinary dashboards with drag-and-drop and free-form design

BI WIDGETS - A widget is a mini-application that allows easy and fast access to frequently used functions and provides visual information right from the desktop
Dashboards & Widgets
BI EXPLORER - A search and exploration tool that lets you user familiar keyword search to find business information. It works on pre-indexed data so you get your answers on the fly
Search & Exploration
On the web, mobile and tablet devices
Distribute BI Content
A web portal that lets you view, edit and share BI content. You can deliver reports to BI Inbox Email, FTP and Folder location
BI Launchpad
Mobile App for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Allows access to any Webi or Crystal content that exists on BI Launchpad (with appropriate rights) on iPad and other compatible tablet devices.
BI Mobile
BI Analysis for Office plug-in lets you consume data within Office applications such as Excel, Word and Power point

MSSP Integration kit exposes BI content on Sharepoint portal

Comprehensive JAVA, .NET, COM and Flex developer libraries allow for complete customization to suit your needs
Integrate into other apps
Behind the scenes
User alignment
Platform Overview
Dashboards demo
Widgets demo
Explorer demo
Launchpad demo
Mobile demo
Reduce TCO
SAP Business Objects BI solutions reduces BI TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by providing a single, integrated, scalable, highly available, business intelligence enterprise platform with an award winning service oriented architecture (SOA).
Why SAP BI 4.0 ?
Empower Business Users with...
Self service reporting
Ad-hoc queries
Search & exploration tools
Dashboards and mobile BI
Less reliance on IT
streamlining the BI process
Integrated with SAP Applications
With a common product stack SAP provides seamless integration and connectivity across the various applications
Whats next?
Thank you !
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