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No description

Jouanesa Lopez

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of thesis

Feed Backs
IV. Prototype
II. Research
III. Ideation
I. Define
Package Design
User Testing
Who are they?
Herman Flaviano - (Engineer)- Product practicality consultant
oConie Cuyos – Elements and form of a product consultant.
Cebu Institute of Technology
Class of 2002 • Industrial Engineering • Cebu City

oDolores Estrella – Function of a product consultant
-Rosary buyer
-Assigned person in Oasis of Love Community religious items for sale

oDuane Casia – Marketing Consultant ( TV Commercial)
-Head of the Marketing Department
oJosephus Comendador – Owner of Hip Cebu website

oRomeo Cañas – Material consultant
-Skilled in wood furniture
-5years working experience in Atlas Company as Pattern maker in Foundry Department
Mind Map
Display Rack
2D and 3D Sketches
Define Problem
There is no specific display rack for Rosary beads
The alternative display rack has no particular placement for long Rosary and for the Bracelet
If the Rosary beads will be transported to other display location, the said beads must be taken out from its rack which causes hassle, inconvenience and time consuming in the part of the assigned person in that shop
To be able to innovate a traveling Rosary Display Rack
To design a Rosary display rack that can also be a storage when the product is being traveled
To be able to provide convenience to the end user as well as to the shop owner
To design a rack that has specific hook for both Long and Bracelet Rosary Bead.
Religious shops
Cebu Catholic Trade
Sto. Rosario
Religious congregations/Traveling Religious stores
San Pedro Calungsod
Tindahan ni Pedro
Oasis of Love Community
Target Market
The Rosary beads has now a specific display rack where it provides a specific hooks for both long and bracelet Rosary beads.
By using this product there is no need to take out the product from its rack because the display rack itself serves as the storage of the Rosary beads whenever they wish to travel the said product
Now, it is much more convenient on the side of the end user to select what kind of Rosary beads they wanted to buy because through this innovated display rack the products are properly arranged and as well as the traveling shop owner they can now keep their Rosary beads with out any hassle.
Functional Consideration
Manufacturing Consideration
Material Consideration
End User

Stainless steel is defined as a ferrous alloy with a minimum of 10% chromium content.
does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as ordinary steel
have higher resistance to oxidation (rust) and corrosion in many natural and man made environments;
The chromium forms a passivation layer of chromium(III) oxide (Cr2O3) when exposed to oxygen. The layer is too thin to be visible, meaning the metal stays shiny.
Benefits of Stainless Steel
Types of stainless steel
Austenitic -Austenitic stainless steels have high ductility, low yield stress and relatively high ultimate tensile strength, when compare to a typical carbon steel
Ferritic -have body centered cubic crystal, are less ductile than austenitic steel, and are not hardenable by heat treatment 
-are used mainly for household utensils
Martensitic -They are ferromagnetic, hardenable by heat treating, and generally resistant to corrosion only in relatively mild environments
Duplex -are called “duplex” because they have a two-phase microstructure consisting of grains of ferritic and austenitic stainless steel.
IV. Prototype
Final Design
V. Conclusion
Comparative Analysis
Sustainable design meant to yield products that are made only of renewable resources and are intended not to seriously impact the environment either when they are being created or when they are being used.
Stainless steel played an important role in sustainable design and alternative energy evolution.
-Most environmentally friendly material is corrosion resistant and durable
-Have High-recycled content
-Provide long service life and reduce resource use
Recycled Content
Both U.S and Canadian Green Building Councils recognize the environmental benefit of stainless steel is 100% recyclable into the same product with no reduction in quality.
Recent International study by the ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum) determined that about 92% of stainless steel used in architecture, building and construction applications is recaptured and recycled at the end of service.
Stainless Steel as Sustainable Design
Why is stainless steel considered as sustainable material in relation to people, planet and profit?
Reuse and recyclability are at high levels.
The main process used to make stainless steel is extremely efficient.
Low CO2 emissions.
Recycled without any economic from the public purse.
Has low maintenance cost
A long life and easy to recycle
Better mechanical properties than most metals
Fire and corrosion resistance
Easthetically pleasing appearance
The growth in the use of stainless steel has been the highest of any material in the world.
Who are the end user?
Marketing strategies
Target Market
End User
Marketing Strategies
Religious people devoted to Rosary
Church goers
Roman Catholics
They are religious shop owner
Two types
1. Traveling
Different congrigation both Nuns and semenarians
Fund raising for Religious Communities or groups

2. In stores/Parish Base
Cebu Catholic Trade
Vendors beside Sto. Nino
Metro Politan Cathedral
Sto. Rosario
San Pedro Calungsod Shrine
In its production process it respects the human being in terms of health and safety.
A protective layer forms normally on all stainless steel because of the inclusion of chromium.
Harmless to the people who handle it and the environment.
Because of the following characteristics, stainless steel made the primary material in medical, food processing, household and catering applications.
This is Kuya Eduard
Welding equipment
Metal cutting saw
It has specific hooks for long and braceletRosary
The body of the Hook would rotate and not the groups of hook It has a stable and simple foundation
TV Commercial in CCTN
Labor: P500.00
Total material expenses: P795.00
Total Expenses: P 1,295.00
Profit is 50% of the Total Expenses: P647.50
SRP : P1,942.00
Base from the comments and suggestions of the consultants, the product which is the Rosary Display Rack had under gone several revisions from its forms, materials, functions and style. Though the product had under gone revisions, still there are some comments and feed backs from the shop owners and the end users. That may the product be more light weight yet the sustainability be maintained, much lesser price and the packaging would be a double purpose type.

As the consultants saw the feed backs from the primary and secondary end user they were able to see the possible problems that may occur one of which is the weight of the product because of the chosen material where its overall weight is a bit heavy. Though if this product will be given a chance for a revision, we will select the tube type of a stainless steel, yet we will make it sure that it would still be sustainable, durable and would have long life.
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