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Le Comic Books

No description

abel martinez

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Le Comic Books

Comic Books
Marvel and DC are noteworthy examples of what exemplar comic creators should be. These companies have been making icons since the 1930's and will continue to do so for generatoins to come.
What are comics?
Comics are a way to tell stories through high quality, well made illustrations. Usually, comics only have words when there's dialogue, but when it comes to setting and characters , the pictures are worth a thousand words.
What makes them special?
Comics have cemented thier throne into pop culture. They can express stories of humor, action, history, anything, with each and every scene painted with beautiful detail. Comics have made such an impact, yet their popularization is relatively young.
Marvel was founded in 1939 by Stan Lee
Key succors of the company are:
Axel Alonso, Dan Buckley, and Jack Kirby
Some popular creations of Marvel are:
The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy
, (hail) H.Y.D.R.A, and X-Men.
DC Comicswas founded in 1934 by Malcom Wheeler
Key succersors of the company are:
Diane Nelson, Jim Lee, Jerry Siegel, and Bob Kane
Some popular creatoions of DC Comics are:
The Justice League, Teen Titans, The Injustice Leage,
and the Green Lantern Corps.
Malcom Wheeler and Stan Lee
Without these two people the evolution of comics would've been much different than how it has turned out today. Not only will thier names live on, but so will their legacy.
Malcom Wheeler
Malcom Wheeler is an american pulp magazine
writer and entrepenuer, who is considered to have
pioneered the popularization of comics. Malcom
was born January 4th, and died January 1st 1968
Stan Lee
Stan Lee is an american comic book writer, editor, publisher, actor, and founder of Marvel Comics. He has created some of the most popular charcters such as the Avengers,and the Fantastic Four. Stan Lee was born December 28th 1922.
Social Impact
If you look at a crowd, more than one person will have a superhero t-shirt, a normal qu
to ask is " what's your favorite superhero?". Comic
s have
made themselves a part of our culture and daily lives. It is common to look up to a character, since they've been so empowered in comics. Due to this, comics have been and will continue to be a permanent piece of pop culture
Manga is a style of comics created in Japan, or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language. People of all ages read manga. They are commonly read in Japan and the U.S. were they are mainly distributed. Manga usually tells stories of fiction with fantasy elements.

Media Impact
From our movies to our television comic book characters are embedded into our media. FIve percent of yearly films are superhero movies, and that number is still growing. 60% of Japanese programming is anime. Critics say that with the convenience of the story line , comics are an easy fit into media.
by Andy Moran,
Kevin Din, Abel Martinez, and Osbel
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