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Beauty Presentation

Stupid Presentation for Steussy about Beauty as if people ACTUALLY care...

Zoe Sebright

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Beauty Presentation

Skin Deep
Sonja Imhoof, Sarah McKnight, Sophie Mueller, Julian Murdzek, Zoe Sebright
Theories of Beauty
Classical Theory
Idealist Conception
Love and Longing
Hedonist Conception
Use and Uselessness
Classical Theory of Beauty
A classical conception of beauty, especially during the Italian Renaissance, based on ratios, proportions, harmony, and symmetry.

Can look at parts and the whole.

Primordial Western conception of beauty.

Beauty can be boiled down to a mathematical expression, although this is not necessary.
Golden ratio

Reason - Way of Knowing
Golden Ratio: 1.61803398875
Idealist Conception
Expresses an experience of beauty as perfect unity. A quest to go from individual beauty to universal beauty.

Connects the experience of beauty to the erotic or desire to reproduce. Causes a desire for the immortal or eternal, because love is an eternal element in our mortality.

Beauty is different in everyone, so the point of life is to experience beauty as much as possible. Even if someone does not have physical attraction, they can still be considered beautiful on the inside.

Laws and institutions are also considered beautiful.
Love and Longing
Beauty is a picture of mortality as an infinite longing.

Love is always in a state of lack and desire.

Beauty is always intangible, once it is in our possession it is no longer considered beautiful.

Love = Infinity

Emotion - Way of Knowing
Hedonist Conception
Beauty is defined by everything we see, hear, or understand that delights the senses.

Recognizes the compound ratio of uniformity and variety of capable of producing pleasure.

People have different views on what is beautiful.

Beauty is a primary bridge between the spiritual and

3 levels of beauty:
What God makes: nature
What human beings make from nature or human
intelligence: art, music, etc.
God/Supernatural, all-knowing, omniscient being
Use and Uselessness
Identifies the experience of beauty with disinterested pleasure, psychical distance, and practicality.

The usefulness of beauty. Things are beautiful in relation to their intended use.
A beautiful ox would make an ugly horse, because that's not what it is intended to be

Things that are not beautiful are things that do not serve their purpose.
Beauty in Different Cultures
Brazil -- Big butt
Thailand and Burma -- Neck length
Japan -- Soft skin
China -- Bound feet
New Zealand -- Tattoos
India -- Long hair and excessive jewelry
Western World -- Tall, skinny, big boobs
Discussion Questions
1. How has makeup and other artificial beauty affected our view of aesthetics?
2. What are some examples of the exploitation of beauty in society?
3. To what extent is beauty in the eye of the
Sense Perception - Way of Knowing
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