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How to Change a Wii Game

No description

Steven Fraser

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of How to Change a Wii Game

Step 5
Select the Disc Channel on the Wii menu. The Disc Channel is the one on the top left on the first screen. When the disc you entered has loaded, press Start.
Step 4
Take out the game disc currently in the Wii. Afterward, insert the next game disc you wish to play.
Step 3
Wait for it to load to the Home Menu.
Step 1
Press the Home button on the Wii remote. It looks like a house and is usually in the center of the remote, but it differs on remote.
Let's check the Radar
We need to make sure there are no threats.
How to: Change a Wii game
For: People with a Wii(s)
Step 2
Select Home Menu on the screen. It will ask you if you wish to continue, for unsaved data will be lost, so you may want to save first.
By: Joey Parenti
Date: 11/21/2014
A Simple Procedure
If you get the same game disc of one you already have, the game wouldn't be new. When you play on the Wii, everything saved is saved on that Wii. A new game is possible on another Wii, as long as there is no saved data of the game on that Wii too.
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