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Music Presentation

Julie Julie

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Yiruma


Kiss the rain
Why did I choose Yiruma?
River flows in you
River flows in you is one of Yiruma's most famous songs.
His songs
1 - Kiss the Rain
2 - River Flows in You
3 - Love Me
4 - What Beautiful Stars
5 - Maybe
6 - Shining Smile
7 - Tears On Love
8 - 27 May
9 - Beloved
10 - Chaconne
11 - Destiny of Love
12 - Do You
13 - Dream a Little Dream of Me
14 - Dream
15 - Falling
16 - Gabriel
17 - He Knows My Name
His albums
Love Scene (1.1.2001)
First Love (1.12.2001)
Oasis & Yiruma (26.6.2002)
Doggy Poo (1.12.2002)
From the yellow room (23.10.2003)
Nocturnal lights... They scatter (5.8.2004)
Piano Museum (5.8.2004)
Destiny of Love (19.4.2005)
Poe music (19.12.2005)
H.I.S Monologue (2.11.2006)
P.N.O.N.I (30.10.2008)
Missing you (2009)

Lee Ru -ma
Yiruma is a popular internationally known pianist and composer from South Korea.
Lee Ru-ma was born on February 15, 1978, (32 years old).
Lee Ru-ma is well known with his stage name, Yiruma. The name “Yiruma” means “accomplishment” in Korean.
He began playing the piano at the age of five, and moved to London when he was 11, in 1988, to study at The Purcell School of Music .
Graduating from Purcell School of Music in July 1997, Yiruma continued his musical aspirations and completed a Composition major from King's College London in June 2000. While studying at Kings College, this promising pianist released his first album "Love Scene" through DECCA records..
Several of his most popular pieces include, “River Flows in You”, “Kiss the Rain”, and “Maybe”. His most popular album “First Love” was released in 2001.
He possessed dual citizenship of South Korea and England until 2006. In 2006, he gave up his UK citizenship to serve in the Navy of South Korea.
Yiruma married Son Hye-Im on May 27, 2007 and they have a daughter, Lee Ro - un.

18 - I
19 - If I Could See You Again
20 - Indigo
21 - It's Your Day
22 - One Day I Will
23 - Passing By
24 - Poem
25 - The Moment
26 - The Scenery Begins
27 - Wait There
28 - When the Love Falls
29 - White Shadow
30 - Lost in Island
31 - Spring Rain
32 - Our Same Word
33 - Time Forget
34 - Yellow Room
Music style
Yiruma's music style is easy to misclassify. Because his music is popular among many listeners who are not familiar with classical music, the solo piano instrumentation and tendency toward "movements" often leads to labels like "new classical" or "contemporary classical".
His music has sometimes been classified as "popular", as shown by the inclusion of his hit piece River Flows in You.. According to the iTunes Store, he is actually considered a World Music or New Age artist.
Yiruma's pieces are also heavy in simple melody and rhythm, making them immediately attractive to many modern ears.
His music is positive and the hopeful. This may be hard to comprehend, but if you’ve you heard his music before, you’ll understand.
His music speaks to your heart and he captivated everyone with his tunes.
Kiss the rain is also one of his best, most famous songs
Yiruma is one of my favorite pianists.
These songs are the songs I used learn for piano.
I think that these songs are really nice, happy, emotional and hopeful.
The style is special, it is not classical but not pop nor jazz.
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