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Should I Stay or Should I Go

No description

Fyse Jamali

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Should I Stay or Should I Go

What is Culture? Culture is the way of life shared by a group of people, including the way they obtain their food, the way they bring up their children, their values, beliefs, language, customs, and religion. Miami Population - 409,719 The two main languages are Spanish and English. Unemployment Rate - 7.70% Quality of Education - 19 students
per teacher. Currency - US Dollar

Per Capita Income - $25,745 The median home cost in Miami is $240,550 Religion Percent Religious Catholic Protestant Baptist Jewish Islam % Other 39.63 24.10 3.72 5.50 0.28 19.71 7.06 Crime: Crime Violent Crime Property Crime 7 7 Number On a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being low and 10 being high,
Miami has a violent crime of 7 and a property of 7. Health: 304 physicians per 100,000 people. On a scale to 100 (higher the better)
Miami is 5 on air quality, 50 on water quality
and 10 on superfund sites. Climate: Wamrest months = July and August Coldest month = January (1992)

Birth Rate = 16.5 live births per 1,000 people.

Death Rate = 9.2 deaths per 1,000 people.

Infant Mortality Rate = 7.5 per 1,000 people Birth Rate and Death Rate: Push Factors: High unemployment rate

Expensive living

Crime is too high

A lot of rainy days

Rude People Sydney, Australia pop. 4 350 986 Main language is English. 80% of Sydney speak that
An ankle biter came up to me this arvo, and said, “OY! I was away with the pixies about Chrissie. And my family and I were having chook and chips for tea. Then the next morning, when I ran down the stairs in my daks, I noticed all the prezzies that I received from my rellies. I opened up the prezzie with my name on it, and I saw that I got a push bike and tons of lollies. I stood up and yelled ‘TA TA TA! I was happy as Larry! G’day mate, ooroo! Here is an example of Australian slang: Translation: A small boy came up to me this afternoon, and said, “Hey! I was daydreaming about Christmas, and my family and I were having chicken and fries for dinner. Then the next morning, when I ran down the stairs in my PJ’s, I noticed all the presents that I received from my relatives. I opened up the present with my name on it, and I saw that I got a bicycle and tons of candy. I stood up and yelled ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was very happy! THE END. Okay, have a good day dear friend, goodbye. Sydney Culture: Most Australians are Europeans

Diverse Culture

Most common music = Jazz

Music Festival

Two Jazz Festivals

Sydney Climate: Warm Summers

Cool Winters

January = warmest month

July = coldest month

Male - 79 yrs.
Female - 84 yrs. Life Expectancy: Pull Factors: Sydney Opera House



Largest University in Australia.

Hello, my name is Fyse Jamali,
and again before I start, I would like you guys to kindly switch off your mobile phones. Thank You Okay, so the three cities I will be doing

Miami, Florida

Sydney, Australia

New Delhi, India This presentation is brought to
you by: Instead of writing from another
person's perspective, I did a little
phone call with my friend in Miami. Before I start talking about my last city,
let's find out what the 5 barriers of migration are
and what they mean. 1. Physical Barriers
2. Economic Barriers
3. Political Barriers
4. Legal Barriers


5. Procedural Barriers Physical Barrier

- inculdes mountains and oceans that discourage the movement of populations

ex. Deserts forced people to go long distances. Africans were forced to go through deserts. Many people even died of starvation. Economical Barrier

- include poverty and high unemplyment

ex - High unemployment rate of certain cities might change the decision of populations to migrate. Political Barrier

- keeping people physically in or out of a nation

ex - the government may make it difficult to emigrate by making the people pay high fees. (exit taxes)
Legal Barrier

- limit of the number of people a city lets in.

Procedural Barrier

- getting passports and visas

ex - Families often had to sneak into countries as they weren't allowed to enter without passports or visas. New Delhi, India pop. 302,363 New Delhi Language: Main language is hindi, which is spoken 41% throughout the city. Population Growth Rate = 1.578% Death Rate = 6.4 deaths/1,000 population Birth Rate = 22.22 births/1,000 population Transportation: New Delhi Airport

Motor Vehicles


and the most famous... RICKSHAW! New Delhi Climate: Warmest month = June/July

Coldest month = January New Delhi Pull Factors:

Warm Summers

The Lotus Temple

(For Me) Family

Many Places to Visit

Has a Growing Economy

What will happen to your culture after you move?

depends on the country I move to

multicultural = no change in culture

specific country/region = change in culture How has migration affected Canada?

Canada was one race, with one religion

Now it has become a multicultural society because of the migration Life Expectancy = 78 yrs. Miami Culture:

1. Miami Art Museum
2. Miami Museum of Science and Natural Historyueseum
3. Museum of Contemporary Art
4. Lowe Art
5. The Wolfsonian
In the end, out of the three cities, the correct choice will be Sydney, Australia parce que it has the university, the beautiful scenery, and the beaches. So, you can have a great education, have nice photographs, and you can take a swim at the beach any time. Maybe, when you're there, you can even learn the Australian slang. Thank you for listening/watching my presentation.

:) :)
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